Day 56: Breaking It Down Again

A random quad (featuring a much more peppy Vanessa) from last night...
A random quad (featuring a much more peppy Vanessa) from last night…

Let me give you the list before it changes again. I began thinking about on Monday night, and it has changed dozens of times yesterday alone.

  1. John
  2. Meg
  3. Jackie
  4. Julia
  5. Austin
  6. Liz
  7. Becky
  8. James
  9. Steve
  10. Vanessa
  11. Shelli

The one thing that must be pointed out leading up to the double eviction is that there’s not a lot of difference between 1 and 11 right now. If I had to do this yesterday, the bottom five would have been Vanessa, Shelli, Liz, Austin, and Julia in that order. Steve, James, and Becky moved into the bottom five because of their recent machinations, which I feel puts them at greatest risk.

I don’t think Becky is doing a great a job as HOH as many think she is. If you have one person as a target, and the group wants to get rid of that other person on the block, it’s not a good run.

Right now, this is a particularly good stretch of the season. You have the two “power babes” going at it to stay, going toe to toe, but not directly confronting each other. We might get to that today, as Vanessa has been campaigning, against the promises she made Shelli earlier on. They each want to stay, and they will fight hard to do exactly that.

Tomorrow night is promising to be a good one. Stay tuned.


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