Day 55: Karma Chameleon

Vanessa got nominated on Monday, and didn't take it all that well.
Vanessa got nominated on Monday, and didn’t take it all that well.

The expected event took place Monday morning, with Vanessa going on the block for the first time, leaving Austin as the only full-time houseguest left not to be nominated. (Yes, I know Julia hasn’t been nominated yet, but she played as Liz part of the time, so I discount that.)

There was much ballyhoo as to how the Vegas poker pro and DJ would react, but there were scores more tears than there was anger. Vanessa briefly went to confront Becky after the veto meeting, but Becky had her say and then walked away. It was the BB equivalent of winning a boxing match with one punch, and that left Vanessa even more rattled than she was previously. She claimed to others that Becky was rude and slammed the sliding glass door (neither of which happened, but no one other than Becky figured that out), but no one in the house bought that at all.

Just when you think that Miss Rousso is a goner, the crew of Meg, Jackie, and James considered late last night: why not get rid of Shelli now, and keep the big target in the green beanie around for a later date? They’ve gotten comfortable in their little committee, and perhaps have let power go to their heads. It will be interesting to see if they stick with this plan in the days ahead, perhaps cutting their own deal with Vanessa to keep her around a week or two more. James doesn’t seem to know what happened to the hoodie he had that Shelli stole, thinking it was actually Clay’s.

I know this: if James catches wind of Shelli’s theft and clothing paranoia, the votes very well MAY change. Look at what happened to the Clay-Shelli eviction vote when Clay popped off in the last day prior to eviction. This “little” group carries a big stick, and soon the house will figure that out.

As last night ended, I thought this was going to be a quiet few days ahead, with a voting outcome not in any doubt. Now, matters may have changed. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Day 55: Karma Chameleon

  1. This will be very interesting to watch in terms of how it develops. I don’t think the group goes wrong either way, but if they pick Shelli to go, it’ll royally piss off Beckeroo…

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