Day 54: Eye Of The Hurricane?

Jackie tries out the inflatable shark..
Jackie tries out the inflatable shark..

The 53rd day in the 17th season of Big Brother was a quiet one, the highlights of the day being an inflatable shark being introduced to the house pool, and the girls giving Steve a makeover.

If this were a football game, a linebacker named Becky is about three steps away from blindsiding the quarterback named Vanessa. The hit will likely knock Vanessa out of the game at least temporarily, but more likely permanently. This also forces the two power women of the house to do battle against each other campaigning to stay in the game, as Shelli will also be fighting to stay in.

I am still not convinced that Vanessa will totally snap when she finds out she is the replacement nominee. Considering she has a one in four chance of reentering the game, she just might take it in stride and just mutter in French under her breath. It will still make for some very good TV and feeds, with both of them scrambling against each other trying to procure votes to stay.

Love or hate her, Vanessa has been sort of the soundtrack of season 17. After the double, boredom might begin to creep in for the feedsters and perhaps the house itself. Enjoy the entertainment while it lasts.


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