Day 53: It’s A Trap!

Becky to Vanessa: No deals!
Becky to Vanessa: No deals!

Steve took POV yesterday, winning the “Comic Book” themed zip-line competition that was also played last season, with the winner completing a task in the shortest amount of time.

With Steve likely taking himself off the block, this sets the stage for a blindside, as Vanessa will be merely the replacement nominee (not being backdoored, since she played in POV and didn’t win) on Monday. The Vegas poker pro doesn’t seem to be on the scent of being the target as she was a day or so ago, as Becky has done a good job of throwing her off that trail. After the veto meeting on Monday, we should see a campaign for the ages between Shelli and Vanessa, two allies that haven’t seen eye to eye that much lately, which may lead to an epic battle for votes and survival on the line.

Many in social media think that Vanessa being blindsided will lead to her melting down afterwards. While that remains to be seen, I’m not sure that it happens that way. She’s often said in the house that she has a life to get back to once her run in the game is over, and I’m sure there are poker tables worldwide that will welcome back her and her money with open arms.

Nothing big set for today, just more plotting and deliberating leading up to tomorrow’s veto decision.


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