Day 51: Clay Calls It Quits

Just another day at the office...
Just another day at the office…

The jury bubble bursted wide open for Clay last night, as a series of arguments earlier in the day turned what was likely a 5-4 cliffhanger into a 9-0 unanimous rout. At one point, I wondered if Clay would even make the live show after he and outgoing HOH James went nose to nose at each other at around 2:24pm BBT in a wild series of arguments for eviction day.  Clay then admitted he was behind most of what was going on in the house, perhaps in an effort to pull a sting operation on Vanessa.

We all know what happened on the live show with Clay basically quitting and encouraging everyone to vote him out. In some sports like boxing and MMA, if officials don’t think you’re putting up your best effort, they can withhold your earnings for said fight. I seriously doubt CBS would do anything like that with Clay, but come on, man! You’re playing for 500K here, and that kind of money can buy lots of female attention…from women your age. To throw your life in the game away for an older woman was frivolous at best. I’ve already unfollowed him on Twitter, and hopefully some of you will go forth and do likewise.

Becky not only won the HOH competition last night, but also won all of the side prizes: $5,000 and the “Never Not” prize, meaning she won’t be on slop as long as she stays in the game. Becky has been playing both sides of the house in recent weeks, but looks like she’ll be making a run against what was the Sixth Sense alliance and targeting Vanessa. The nominations at this point appear to be her and Steve, which would make the last unnominated houseguest standing this season. I doubt he runs the table like Derrick did last season, getting to the last day of BB16 before being nominated by default.

I wish we could fast forward to the moments after nominations to see Vanessa’s face once she’s put up, but there’s still a little bit of game left before getting there.


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