Day 49: Halfway There

One big happy family, one of whom are going to win $500K in seven weeks.
One big happy family, one of whom are going to win $500K in seven weeks.

It’s Wednesday, which means it is time to look at how I rank the HG’s at the midway point.

This week, the ratings are pretty simple, as I’ll explain after I crunch the numbers below:

  1. John
  2. Steve
  3. Becky
  4. Vanessa
  5. Julia
  6. Liz
  7. Steve
  8. Meg
  9. Jackie
  10. Austin
  11. Shelli
  12. Clay

The only changes from last week are that Shelli and Clay had a one added to their rank, going from 1 to 11 and 2 to 12 respectively. It looks like the vote will be extremely close, with it perhaps hinging on someone throwing a hinky here or there. I didn’t think the couple had the best of weeks, accusing the others of doing what they have down or what they are. That strategy stops working when you’ve been nabbed, so own up to it. If Shelli winds up surviving, I could see her back up to about midway or above if she can play quietly next week and quit her bitching.

I boosted James up to the 7 spot from 11 for winning a critical HOH competition last week and making a judicious choice in terms of whom to send out of the game. Thought he handled things about as well as anyone could with the strategy he had in mind, not rising to the bait when Clay and Shelli raised their voices.

I debuted Julia in at the 5 spot. She seems just a tad smarter than Liz when it comes to her game playing senses, and won’t make the mistakes her sister is making in terms of having her judgment clouded by the oafish Austin.

Other than that, everyone else stayed near where they are. Not a lot of distance between the top 10 at this point, and there’s a lot of game left this season AND this week as well with a vote likely to change in the next 36 hours.


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