Day 48: Ride Or Die

Just another peek at the Quads...
Just another peek at the Quads…one of those people on the right is going home, but whom?

As expected, James did not use his veto powers yesterday, leaving nominations as is. Despite another reported round of protestations from Clay and/or Shelli, one of those two will be leaving the game on Thursday as (we think) the final non-juror, with Clay appearing to be the favorite to go home at this juncture.

If what has been done in previous years is also the case, then Vanessa, Steve, John, Austin, Liz, Julia, Meg, Jackie, and Becky have now all locked in positions to make the jury, along with whoever survives in the “power couple” vote who is not evicted.

Other than that, not a lot went on yesterday. Even though there has been a power shift in the house this week, the house does seem a bit more quiet with some of its more boisterous characters gone, left commentating on the game on Twitter.

I can’t help but wish they were still there. Whoever is evicted Thursday; not so much.

An updated set of rankings comes your way tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 48: Ride Or Die

  1. I have been waiting for someone to make a power move like this on reality TV. James did what others should have done is to kill the “power couple” before they can do more damage. I think Vanessa and Austin are in the cross hairs after Thursday.

    1. All depends on who gets the jump ball…I’m watching the Austin/Twins alliance and seeing if they separate from the others and go into the business for themselves. Then you have three somewhat equal alliances in the game.

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