Day 46: Rewards And Punishments

Clay seems to have a new friend as he got close to Meg last night.
Clay seems to have a new friend as he got close to Meg last night.

They played the first POV game with prizes and punishments yesterday, a Middle Ages themed contest won by James to consolidate his power. It is now quite likely that he will keep the nominations as is, meaning either Clay or Shelli will go home on Thursday. Immediately following the POV comp, Clay was volunteering to leave, but a few hours later he was flirting around with Meg in the bathroom, with Shelli nowhere to be found.

What it comes down to is this: Shelli’s alliance wants to keep her, but the “outsiders” want to keep Clay. That makes sense, because why give the majority group their way? Give them what they DON’T want, not what they do want.

Clay and Becky were the big winners in the comp, with Clay sporting a trip to Ireland while Becky took a $5,000 cash prize. Shelli got the Brittany punishment from last year, except she has to hit 2,400 sets of targets (three targets to a set) with a sword within 24 hours. If she fails or her sword or the targets break, she cannot play for POV next week. As of the time of this writing (just past 5am BBT) she is already at the halfway mark, only needing seven hours to get there.

Jackie has to wear an “armortard” for the week, which is a suit of shining armor. Vanessa will have to stay close by to her as a “squire” for 24 hours, constantly buffing the suit for that period of time.

With the rest of week now academic, there is still intrigue left. Will Shelli catch on to Clay having a new found interest in Meg? Was “Cleg” nothing more than a fleeting moment? We’ll see.


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