Day 45: Checks Will Be Bounced

Clay and Shelli did not take being nominated well, almost immediately getting into a fight with Vanessa once the feeds came back.
Clay and Shelli did not take being nominated well, almost immediately getting into a fight with Vanessa once the feeds came back.

The beautiful thing about endurance competitions is that it is basically a shuffling of a deck. For a conclusion to occur to these comps most of the time, deals usually have to be cut. So was the case Thursday night when Shelli cut a deal with James so that he could win HOH. In exchange for power, James agreed not to nominate or backdoor either Shelli or Clay.

Much like the Dark Moon alliance, bargains were broken quickly, as Clay and Shelli were the nominees and weren’t too shy to let people know they weren’t happy about it. They confronted James about it right after the feeds came back, and James answered every last question, deflecting every last criticism.

Let’s not forget two important points here. One, it was Vanessa who wanted Austin gone a week ago until Shelli suggested to her an alternate path that led to Jason being blindsided and backdoored. Secondly, Shelli DID want James put up last week. There was one problem with that: by winning the last Battle Of The Block comp with Liz, James was already safe, and thus couldn’t be renominated.

Speaking of Vanessa, the long awaited rift between her and Shelli took place after noms, and it did not surprise me at all. While they’ve spent the majority of the time in the house working for a common goal, I’ve noticed that they do things to undercut and undermine each other. They each are control freaks who want total and absolute power when it is there to be grabbed. When Vanessa put up Jason, she and Clay played it off like it wasn’t their call, which seemed to get under Vanessa’s skin.

After nominations, Shelli didn’t feel like hugging Vanessa after hearing an undercurrent of the undercutting going on between the three of them, leaving Vanessa’s “delicate” feelings out in full view in everyone. She then lashed out at Shelli and Clay over it, with Shelli alternating between trying to calm the green-hatted Vegas poker pro down to saying at one point that their alliance was over. Things calmed down after that, then got re-ignited later on at night, with Vanessa basically re-hashing her “how dare you” routine at the Marietta, Georgia native.

The Power of Veto competition will be played today, no doubt setting the scene for more theatrics from the “Bad Girls” of Big Brother. Clay is promising to use the veto on Shelli should he win it, leaving him ripe for the picking against whoever the renom could be. Expect intensity, and make some popcorn, as it might be another wild ride today.


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