Day 75: Attempted Bribery

Another round of random quads from yesterday.  Vanessa back to sporting the truckers hat we knew from her poker playing days.

Another round of random quads from yesterday. Vanessa back to sporting the truckers hat we knew from her poker playing days.

Brace yourselves, people. Somebody actually stood up to Vanessa yesterday.

Who was it? I don’t rightly know, because it was somebody in production.

The poker-playing houseguest from Las Vegas clued the Nolan twins in yesterday about her plan to put Julia up as a pawn to ensure the fact that Meg Maley, that mastermind NYC waitress, goes to the jury Thursday night. She was so willing to make that deal that if for some reason the votes go to evict Julia, she’d give her $10,000.

Not too long after that was said, the recorded voice of Don Wollman summoned Vanessa to the diary room, and when she re-appeared, she doubled back on the deal. She implied that she’s so used to making deals during poker tournaments (which most poker governing bodies allow) that she forgot it couldn’t be done in Big Brother.

Thank another Las Vegan for that: Maggie, who won BB6. The legend has it (rightly or wrongly) that when Maggie won the $500,000 back in 2005, she shared some of that purse with her in-game partner, Eric. Legend also has it that this act may have kept her from coming back to do the following season of All-Stars, although James Rhine in the clip linked to suggested she may not have done BBAS/BB7 anyway.

I wondered on Twitter how such a rule can be enforced. What could they do, investigate Vanessa’s bank records? I asked the Twitterverse, and got a reply:

Of course. They could just make it a “breach of contract” clause, just like a houseguest can’t go on a competing network and say that the show is fake.

Other than that, not a lot happened yesterday. I’m thinking that Meg and James might get a bit pissed when they figure out Julia is the renom today, but they’ll get over it.

Day 74: Captain Camo To The Rescue

A random quad after the POV comp shows Vanessa has broken out her green beanie, usually the sign of DOOM for someone.

A random quad after the POV comp shows Vanessa has broken out her green beanie, usually the sign of DOOM for someone.

James won the veto last night, which seemed to be an advanced form of Hide And Seek and/or Capture The Flag as the houseguests searched for named tiles that meant elimination from the contest if found by another houseguest. He likely uses the veto to save himself on Monday.

Believe it or not, Julia appears the favorite to be the replacement nominee as a pawn. It would mark her first trip to the block as her own entity if so. (Liz was up on the block earlier in the season while Julia rotated in as her, which counts or doesn’t count depending on your viewpoint. Personally, I think it does count.) That would make Austin, Liz, Steve, John, and James the electorate under such a scenario, with Liz and Austin voting Meg out for sure, and at least one of the three left following that suit.

James was fired up after the winning the veto, and promised to start WW3 with Vanessa once they met. Vanessa started crying on cue (or was it the Strattera, as Colette Lala was suggesting on last night’s BB Gossip podcast) and implied that the more smack James talked, the more Meg was at risk, which had James apologizing rather than fighting. Of course, Meg was a goner the moment James won the veto, so Vanessa saying that is merely theatrics.

They’ll talk in great detail today as to what to do at the veto meeting, with a double eviction set for Thursday. May I suggest to the group that Thursday would then be a good time to push the green-beanied monster off the cliff? Just a thought.

Day 73: Same Old Song And Dance

Vanessa and Meg are the main participants in a post-nominations discussion.

Vanessa and Meg are the main participants in a post-nominations discussion. Afterwards, Vanessa tells us that it’s lonely at the top. I bet!

The latest round of nominations had Vanessa using the tried and tested strategy of finding a reason to do things, but with many more reasons to break up the Austin, Liz, and Julia triumvirate up existing, she instead chose to put up Meg and James. Meg protested her innocence after nominations with James mainly looking on, interjecting at spots few and far between.

If you’ve been following the show at all this year, you know what happened next. Vanessa came away from the chat…wait for it…as the victim. She always cites examples why to do things from people who are no longer there to defend themselves, and always berates her prey when they are not within earshot. It’s a strategy that likely assures that she doesn’t win the $500,000 at the end, but the strategy is working beyond her wildest expectations, still alive in the second of two F8 (final eight) weeks.

The veto competition is later today, but it seems Meg and James are pretty much resigned to their fate, taking the matter with a lot more dignity than most would in the same situation, so they get high marks for me on that front. Five days from now will mark the second of two double evictions that take place in the course of a typical season, which will reduce the field from eight to six with 20 days left to find a winner at that point.

I have a feeling we’ll see a big move come Thursday, but the way the season has been going, it may be a move coming out of left field as some others have.

More tomorrow, as always.

Day 72: Out And Back In Again

The four jurors line up waiting to go back into the BB17 house. The contest was won by Johnny Mac.

The four jurors line up waiting to go back into the BB17 house. The contest was won by Johnny Mac.

If the seventeenth season of Big Brother has been what you would consider a strange odyssey, it got a little stranger last night.

Johnny Mac waited until Thursday morning to start making moves to flip the house, causing social media to get all in a tizzy. But when the feeds came back from their usual mid-morning outage to prep the house, it was swiftly decided that there would be no house flip, with Meg (of all people) the houseguest putting her foot down the hardest. The Scranton area dentist was evicted by a 5-0 vote.

That meant Shelli, Jackie, Becky, and John would play in a buyback competition, which was also an HOH competition simultaneously. The juror who survive the longest on the frequently used “swing around on a rope” contest would be revived. If that juror was also the last person standing, he or she would also take the HOH title for the week.

The contest turned out to be one of the quickest endurance comps in show history, although it did not eclipse the shortest endurance competition record won by Erika during BB7 at a robust 24 seconds. Houseguests flew off their ropes so fast that production made the wise choice to put the feeds on almost immediately after the show went off the air at 10pm EDT. Wholesale eliminations took place during one of the brief outages on the feeds, and by the time they came back, only John and Vanessa remained, making John the returning houseguest. When John slipped, Vanessa won her 3rd full-time HOH of the season.

John’s buyback win put him in some elite company in US BB history. He was only the second houseguest to come back into the house the day he was evicted (joining BB9’s James), and the first to win the buyback comp the day of his eviction, but these have only been held in four of the last five seasons. No houseguest has gotten beyond the F4 re-entering the house (though Gary made F2 in BB Canada’s first season), so let’s see if Johnny Mac can break another barrier in these final 27 days ahead.

The win did not come without controversy, although the controversy was all on social media and nowhere else. Many claimed that since Vanessa’s buttocks touched the cylinder on the bottom of the rope, she should have been disqualified and not given the win.

Buttgate? I don't think so.

Buttgate? I don’t think so.

Vanessa’s targets appear to be Meg and James, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she makes a play at John if either of them take the veto tomorrow. After all, she’s all about her loyalty, right?

Enjoy the season, there’s less of it left than you think.

More tomorrow.

Day 71: Cruel Realities

I couldn’t get my mind into the feeds yesterday, after seeing a TV reporter and a cameraman for the Roanoke, Virginia CBS station assassinated live on the air early in the morning by a former employee. Sometimes the real world and the events within trump the events that take place, as Steve often puts it, in a box at a studio parking lot in California. I find it important from time to time to keep events in the proper perspective.

To be honest, I have no clue who will be getting evicted tonight between two worthy players in Johnny Mac and Steve. It looked like the matter would be resolved over a game of rock, paper, and scissors. If that angle is revisited today, I wouldn’t mind if the producers intervene and say nope, you cannot evict a houseguest in this manner. Meg, bless her, seems to be the most conscientious objector on this front, saying it will make everybody look like fools. Can’t say I disagree.

Other than this, it didn’t seem a lot happened yesterday, setting the stage for a busy 71st day in the house, where we begin with one group of eight, and end with a 75% chance of a different group of eight. Then again, we just might have the very same group of eight that we begin with today. It is a day, outside of double evictions, that provides the most mystery, so I am looking forward to tonight.

Day 70: The Way I See It

Some variant of Potball about to break out late night Tuesday. I wonder if it will be a future comp?

Some variant of Potball about to break out late night Tuesday. I wonder if it will be a future comp?

It’s another Wednesday, so it’s another look at the rankings:

  1. Meg
  2. Julia
  3. Liz
  4. James-uhhh
  5. Austin
  6. Vanessa
  7. Steve-uhhh
  8. John

Hard to know what the group is thinking this week as to who they will evict, as at this point it could be a 3-2 split decision. We’ve been through that before with the house gravitating to their choice in the last 24 hours leading up to the vote, only for things to turn into a unanimous rout.

I still have Meg at the one spot, as at this point she is the most well insulated houseguest of the remaining eight. All she has to do is win a comp at a key point, and as bad as she’s played in the comps, if they keep her in she always has that chance to pull one out.

Vanessa’s decision to NOT veto John but yet campaign for him to stay is like taking out a second mortgage on a house she owns. I could see her being the target next week regardless of what the evicting outcome could be, so why push so hard when either outcome doesn’t help her? To survive much farther in the game, she will need a skill set she has yet to show, they will all be after her soon.

I don’t see whoever wins the buyback lasting long, and traditionally that’s what has happened (with Amy of BB3 and Sharon of BB9 only coming to mind in US BB history as exceptions) more often than not. I’d think Jackie would rank somewhere around fourth is she returned, with the others ranking much lower if they come back, probably somewhere around 6th to 8th.

More tomorrow.

Day 69: Devils Known And Unknown

Some more random quadding...

Some more random quadding…

When the feeds began way back on June 25th, Vanessa made her debut crying over how poorly the house was treating Steve.

That was Day 8. On Day 68, she’s calling Steve a motherf***er for scheming to get her evicted.

She did not use the veto, meaning Steve or Johnny Mac will be evicted on Thursday, possibly temporarily with the buyback competition to follow. They have had a good friendship in the house, but I’m looking for each to fight to stay in the game by campaigning, so I hope they care enough about each other so that the friendship endures. Right now, $500,000 is potentially on the line.

I don’t think that little green-beanied monster realizes it, but by acting the way she did yesterday, she is reducing the chances of her winning the game at a dramatic rate. She might get to the final two with her superb gameplay and crazy behavior, but who can she beat at this point? Plus, if she wanted to insure the fact that Steve was the one to go home, why not veto John and put Steve in a voting match-up against James or Meg as pawns?

Wait until she realizes that the twins do not want Steve gone, but want John out at this point. That will make James and Meg the swing votes, and with Vanessa loudly announcing her voting preferences, they have nothing to lose if they too vote to evict John, sending him out the door. If this means that Vanessa makes them targets if she has any power next week, so what? They would be targets eventually anyways.

This may be one of those weeks where some quiet time may be replaced with high drama, should word get back to Miss Rousso what the twins are plotting to do. Funny how it’s okay for them and Austin to plot against her, but Steve isn’t allowed to.

Tomorrow, a look at the house rankings.