Day 75: Attempted Bribery

Brace yourselves, people. Somebody actually stood up to Vanessa yesterday. Who was it? I don’t rightly know, because it was somebody in production. The poker-playing houseguest from Las Vegas clued the Nolan twins in yesterday about her plan to put Julia up as a pawn to ensure the fact that Meg Maley, that mastermind NYC […]

Day 74: Captain Camo To The Rescue

James won the veto last night, which seemed to be an advanced form of Hide And SeekĀ and/or Capture The Flag as the houseguests searched for named tiles that meant elimination from the contest if found by another houseguest. He likely uses the veto to save himself on Monday. Believe it or not, Julia appears the […]

Day 73: Same Old Song And Dance

The latest round of nominations had Vanessa using the tried and tested strategy of finding a reason to do things, but with many more reasons to break up the Austin, Liz, and Julia triumvirate up existing, she instead chose to put up Meg and James. Meg protested her innocence after nominations with James mainly looking […]

Day 72: Out And Back In Again

If the seventeenth season of Big Brother has been what you would consider a strange odyssey, it got a little stranger last night. Johnny Mac waited until Thursday morning to start making moves to flip the house, causing social media to get all in a tizzy. But when the feeds came back from their usual […]

Day 71: Cruel Realities

I couldn’t get my mind into the feeds yesterday, after seeing a TV reporter and a cameraman for the Roanoke, Virginia CBS station assassinated live on the air early in the morning by a former employee. Sometimes the real world and the events within trump the events that take place, as Steve often puts it, […]

Day 70: The Way I See It

It’s another Wednesday, so it’s another look at the rankings: Meg Julia Liz James-uhhh Austin Vanessa Steve-uhhh John Hard to know what the group is thinking this week as to who they will evict, as at this point it could be a 3-2 split decision. We’ve been through that before with the house gravitating to […]

Day 69: Devils Known And Unknown

When the feeds began way back on June 25th, Vanessa made her debut crying over how poorly the house was treating Steve. That was Day 8. On Day 68, she’s calling Steve a motherf***er for scheming to get her evicted. She did not use the veto, meaning Steve or Johnny Mac will be evicted on […]