Day 44: Bye Bye, BOB

Shelli flipping out in the hammock room with Clay and Vanessa looking on.
Shelli flipping out in the hammock room with Clay and Vanessa looking on.

We have a long awaited power shift, a long awaited change in the power structure, and for the first time since 2004, we have twins in the house at the same time.

James (and only James) won an endurance HOH contest last night after cutting a deal with Shelli (that would keep her and Clay safe) a little past two hours into the competition. The current plan as of this morning is for James to place Liz and Vanessa up, and for the backdoor plan is for Shelli to be the renom against one of those two in the vote next week. Thus, he’s planning to go back on his word as Jennifer famously did to Kaysar in BB6, but facing a 9-3 disadvantage in the house, I don’t think he has anything to lose playing against a group that has also gone back on their word by backdooring Jason.

Battle Of The Block has been discontinued for the rest of the season, which made me instantly wonder if it had only returned to keep the Nolan twins safe. The rest of the season will be played with one HOH, two nominees, and one veto, barring a twist. I love it. No more throwing comps to keep an HOH in power.

I also noted how when Julia made a bee line for Austin after the HOH comp, calling him shady. She’s definitely the smarter of the two. I just hope we don’t get the power mongers Adria and Natalie were after they both started playing in BB5, and that Julia keeps bringing sanity to her and her sister.

Nominations will be sometime today, late in afternoon BB time if they do what they have done in previous years. James is promising that “checks will be bounced,” and I hope he pulls it off.


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