Day 43: The Path To Five

A random quad from yesterday...
A random quad from yesterday…

It still looks like Jason will be the one going home tonight, as it didn’t seen his campaigning had made any progress overnight from what I could see. His biggest move yesterday was calling Liz a word beginning with “C” rhyming with “bunt” to Jackie, which won’t get him any more votes if that word gets into the right ears.

His strategy was to tell Shelli that Becky wanted to break up her showmance with Clay once they get to a double eviction, which had the Marietta, Georgia interior designer wanting more specifics. Even if Jason’s efforts fall short tonight, it was a good seed to plant to work on Shelli’s paranoia, which can be raised with the proper probing.

A better strategy to me would have been to “go through the middle” and try and get Liz, Austin, Steve, and John on board, telling them that should they say in their current alignment, they are nothing more but spare wheels. If he could get two of those four votes at least, adding to the three I think he’ll get from Jackie, John, and Meg, he might have a chance at staying. Instead, he chose Shelli and Clay, where he’d have to get both votes in order to stay with no margin of error.

He still has (as of this writing) twelve hours to get two votes out of six to join the three he’s already pocketed to get that five vote majority. As the feeds go on and off today for rehearsals and house maintenance, it will be interesting to see if he can pull it off.


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