Day 42: In The Shelliverse

America's Sweethearts...well, not really.
America’s Sweethearts…well, not really.

Time for another look at how I rank the houseguests in the game, and this week brings a new leader in the clubhouse.

Here’s how I have it, with “Flirting With Disaster” by Molly Hatchet going off in my ears as I type this. An omen?

1. SHELLI: Running the game, so she’s on top until someone knocks her off.

2. CLAY: Here at the 2 spot because he’s joined to Queen Shelli at the hip. Wouldn’t be shocked if he eventually goes rogue in a few weeks. If not, he’s got mommy issues.

3. JOHN: Positioned well right now, and has gained respect enough from the group not to be nominated this week.

4. STEVE: In a good spot, but I’d like to see him develop his own game and not be so dependent on the “Sixth Sense” who will jettison him in a few weeks.

5. BECKY: Likely stays in this eviction round against Jason, but doing the bidding of the “Sixth Sense” hinders her game, as in the case with Steve.

6. VANESSA: I thought she handled the duty of blindsiding Jason as well as it could be handled, so give her credit for that. She plays the game with a non-stop motor much like Audrey did, but can anyone else in the house truly see that at this point?

7. LIZ/JULIA: Until they play as separate entities tomorrow, I will continue to rate then separately. Liz (or Julia) needs to ask Steve or Jason what happened to those OTHER twins on BB5 who got bossy and were quickly dispensed with. Might see history repeating with these two in the house together.

8. MEG: I wish she’d quit whining about how everyone is leaving the game, because only three people are in the house in the final day. Don’t be afraid to play the game and put that brain to use.

9. JACKIE: If the “Sixth Sense” stay in power, she could be a possible target. Love the “fire in the belly” she has, though.

10. AUSTIN: He should thank his lucky stars he’s still alive. Thinking with his little head and not the big one.

11. JAMES: In the mercy seat this week, as I think his help with Liz in a competition he was given orders to throw might be the thing that does him in. For the record, I think James is innocent of the alleged crime. Liz was going to win that comp single handed, so what could he do?

12. JASON: Sorry to see you go, sir. I don’t think the vote will be one-sided, something around 6-3 against him. Getting those fourth and fifth votes to stay is going to be a monumental task unless he can cut some big deals.

More tomorrow as the game winds down to the fifth eviction and Julia formally entering the fray.


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