Day 41: Jason The Mastermind

Jason was the replacement nom yesterday, and is the favorite to go home Thursday.
Jason was the replacement nom yesterday, and is the favorite to go home Thursday.

Vanessa finally decided on what to do after a lengthy series of discussions. She nominated Jason, who took the demotion very well despite the fact it was a blindside. Jackie got pissed off and Meg cried on and off for several hours, but when they listened to Vanessa’s lengthy explanations, their emotions went away with the mist the poker professional sprayed at them.

The fireworks that many (including myself) expected were nothing more than mere sparklers, and nearly burnt out ones at that. It was proof that, in my opinion, if the non-aligned house doesn’t get power and soon, they will be picked off one by one. The greatest competition the “Sixth Sense” alliance has is within themselves, as no one on that other side is stepping up to the plate at present.

This leaves either Jason or Becky as the evictee on Thursday with Julia going on to play as herself that same night. Julia’s entry into the game is a foregone conclusion, so I would not expect a great deal of flourish when it’s presented on the live show. It will then be a one week sprint to find the last non-juror evicted, and I would expect a double eviction on August 6th.

Does Jason have a chance at staying? A very small one, but probably a greater chance than the other four houseguests who have already left combined. He would have to get votes from the five-vote block Shelli controls, or somehow convince John to swerve his pal Becky. It’s a long shot, but it can be done, and this would be a perfect time for a house flip.

Tomorrow, I’ll look at the rankings for the fifth time.


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