Day 40: Vanessa Explains It All

The quad feed right before Shelli snapped at Clay this morning, saying she looked like "f***ing s***."
The quad feed right before Shelli snapped at Clay this morning, saying she looked like “f***ing s***.”

This might be an interesting day.

For the life of me, I have no idea who Vanessa is going to put up as the nominee once Clay uses his veto today. It looks like Jason will be the renom, and that Vanessa has a “stutter step” planned, looking at Austin while saying Jason’s name. That will likely not go over well.

You can see the stress in Vanessa’s face. The former GoDaddy spokeswoman looks more like a woman of 50 as opposed to a woman in her early 30’s. Putting anyone else up other than Austin, which was the original plan, should be the spark that aligns the “other side” of the house once it happens and if it happens. They will unite in the days ahead, vowing to bust out the poker pro if they get power next week or in the coming weeks.

Notice how Clay and Shelli are already positioning themselves by the “escape hatch” now, sensing Vanessa is about to self destruct. They even had a bit of a tiff this morning, with Shelli flipping out over her appearance and Clay not doing what she wanted. I’d really be surprised if the two are still an item by the end of the season.

I’m expecting fireworks today, but usually when they are expected, they sometimes don’t happen. If it is Jason against Becky in the eviction round, Jason likely goes with five votes against him from Vanessa’s alliance. plus John would vote to keep Becky giving them a safety margin at six. It also seals Vanessa’s fate, making her the next target.


2 thoughts on “Day 40: Vanessa Explains It All

  1. For Vanessa the one thing she could do is eat one of her own in Austin. At some point they will have to start getting rid of their own and this might be someone they won’t have a problem getting rid of. They do get another ally in Julia when she enters the game on Thursday.

    1. Doesn’t look like that’s a plan anymore. My thinking on it is it’s probably best to keep Austin around and have the other side lose a player while you gain one then it is to lose one and gain one on your side. The only con in keeping Austin is the other side will gun for her, and her allies might also turn on her.

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