Day 39: The Never Ending Story

Steve tries to talk sense to Vanessa while Shelli holds court in the hammock room.
Steve tries to talk sense to Vanessa while Shelli holds court in the hammock room with Austin.

Clay won the Power of Veto yesterday afternoon, and assures his safety for next week. With him likely using the veto on himself, a struggle began to find the replacement nominee, with Austin still looking like the apparent top choice after hours of illogical thinking and HOH Vanessa’s thinking out loud.

The game has really been a cut throat affair this season, with one group of the house more willing to attack their own alliance members than they are the other side. It’s like watching a nest of zombies consuming whatever brains are out there floating in the heads of their next victims. It doesn’t really strike me that Vanessa or Shelli are thinking about long term consequences of what they do, just the short term satisfaction of what they do in the name of the house.

Alternative actions were thrown out in abundance when Liz and Austin were interrogated by the two ladies last night, with Becky, Jackie, Jason and James thrown out as countermeasures to putting Austin up. (It didn’t seem to enter into the equation that James cannot go home this week after winning Battle of the Block.) Steve, for one, reminded Vanessa of a similar situation last year when Zach was poised to go home. It was Caleb who reminded Derrick that it was futile to get rid of Zach just yet, as he was a number for their group and would be loyal just by keeping him, despite his in-house behavior at that time. As a result, Jocosta wound up going home in the first part of a double eviction that week.

No activities are scheduled for today other than the usual trip to the house photo booth, which gets the minds of the houseguests off of the game for a bit. Last week, I said Sunday would be a quiet day, and with Audrey squabbling with Clay and what that turned into, it was anything but. Today, I’m expecting a lot of conversations with Vanessa and Shelli being the centerpieces. I wouldn’t be shocked that as the hours pass by Vanessa finds a new target, realizing how screwed she thinks she is with no cover to protect her next week.


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