Day 38: Fear And Loathing

The "quad feed" after the BOTB competition. Joy on one side, fear on the other.
The “quad feed” after the BOTB competition. Joy on one side, fear on the other.

We now know that Julia will be entering the house, as she and James won Battle Of The Block last night. That will make her an unprecedented 17th member of the house on Thursday and the 212th houseguest in show history.

The result did not go to the plan of the HOH candidates, Vanessa and Jackie. Vanessa picked Becky and Clay, thinking the contest would be something physical perhaps. But one can never make such assumptions in BB Land, and the game turned about to be some sort of spelling competition based on last year’s cast. Clay, being a former defensive back at Texas A&M who played with the much talked about Johnny Manziel, seemed to struggle if what’s being said in the house is accurate.

As has been the case in her first HOH reign, Vanessa bitched and moaned about having to get blood on her hands. The current plan appears to be that Austin will still be the replacement nominee come Monday, unless he wins the veto. Should that happen, it gets much more dicey, with Steve the apparent pick, though that would likely change. Austin has no idea the plans being laid about around him and was celebrating Liz’s win most of the night.

Today should be the POV competition, and then plans will be launched into action to find the 5th houseguest to leave this coming Thursday. A lot of game left to be played between then and now.


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