Day 37: Viva Las Vegas

Vanessa and Jackie discuss nominations.
Vanessa and Jackie discuss nominations.

Audrey was indeed sent packing after a 10-1 vote (adding a penalty vote on for Audrey eating regular food for the week), sending her out of the house as the 4th evicted. She was one of the more unique houseguests in show history in more ways than one, always that agent provocateur the house needed. The problem was the house had better scammers than she, so once again the house makes a “big move” to send someone packing. God bless, Aud. You were a firecracker.

The show must go on, and how fitting that a couple of Las Vegas residents in Jackie and Vanessa take the next two HOH candidacies? So far, seven out of ten of the HOH’s have been women, with Austin, James, and Jason winning in the first two cycles. I had hoped that the two of them might work across purposes and be that first duo that doesn’t collaborate their nominees that we haven’t seen yet. Nevertheless, they seem to have Liz/Julia and Austin in their sights.

That’s big for the upcoming couple of weeks ahead. If Liz (plus Julia playing as Liz) is evicted, she’s the last non-juror booted out of the house. If Austin is booted, Liz and Julia play as separate entities. With that twist in mind, this should be a very interesting week ahead.


3 thoughts on “Day 37: Viva Las Vegas

  1. It seems the women run the world this season. However I think Austin or Clay might be in the final 4 along with Vanessa and Shelli. The dark horse for this season will be Liz or Julia.

      1. I think the girls who are left are going to start picking the dudes off. Austin and Clay are the two biggest male threats left in the house.

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