Day 36: The Edit

Damon Killian of "The Running Man" (played by the late Richard Dawson) would have loved Vanessa's edit on the TV show last night.
Damon Killian of “The Running Man” (played by the late Richard Dawson) would have loved Vanessa’s edit on the TV show last night.

I don’t normally watch the TV shows that recap the live feeds. The first couple of shows and the live shows every week have to be watched, because it’s the sole source of information as to what’s going on. Knowing what had happened this week, I had to turn on my local station, WTSP Channel 10 here in Tampa Bay and catch the show.

Of course, the one time I watch the show, interesting things are going on in Feedland. Audrey, who had been in a near catatonic state the past 48 hours, was now up and about and asking Shelli a whole bunch of questions that were making the reigning HOH uncomfortable.

aud0721Back to the TV show, they get to Audrey’s arguments with Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa while Audrey and Shelli are having a discussion of significance on the feeds, which probably confused the hell out of people on social media. They do not show Vanessa screaming at Audrey at one point during the argument, which is a very key point of it all, because it helped to lead Audrey into the depressive state she has been in since then.

Why give Vanessa such a good edit? Do the producers have “big plans” for her as the season progresses?

This blog is totally not surprised that Audrey has since gotten favors in the house like no one else has, I sort of predicted it back on June 23rd when I said there would like be a “quid pro quo” situation in exchange for Audrey agreeing to reveal she’s transgender when introducing herself to the rest of the house. I just had no idea how much favor Audrey would receive. I certainly wish her well, and I hope social media treats her kindly once she leaves the game and gets back to her real life.

The one thing she doesn’t need right now is a bunch of social media bullies who hide behind their computer and somewhat spell.

Back to recap the live show (or live to tape) tomorrow.


One thought on “Day 36: The Edit

  1. I hate to say it but Audrey is done. They won’t vote out the good dentist because he has been on the block so many times and he is a pawn. Audrey has made her life hard in the house and they want to get her out the door.

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