Day 35: Another Round Of Rankings

The Wackstreet Boys of BB17...
The Wackstreet Boys of BB17…

Here’s the latest rankings going into the fourth eviction, and I’ll explain my reasoning beneath:

1. Becky
2. John
3. Liz/Julia
4. Steve
5. Jason
6. James
7. Meg
8. Austin
9. Jackie
10. Clay
11. Shelli
12. Vanessa
13. Audrey

I have Becky on top this week because a lot of the people on top had a down week. John’s nominated against Audrey, and even though he’s a pawn and a slam dunk to survive, he’s slightly more vulnerable going into next week. The twins could have easily been at 1 under normal circumstances, but with this being a possible “jury bubble” week (the last week before the jury level begins) should they be evicted, one or two of the HG’s might take a shot at them.

I have Vanessa in the “mercy seat” at next to last now. Two weeks ago, she was at the 1 spot. If any of the top 7 (save Liz/Julia) get HOH this week, I expect her to be targeted, with Shelli and Clay possibly collected as collateral damage if Van saves herself. I don’t think Vanessa’s play is at her best so closely connected to the power structure. The problem is she is a control freak, and can’t put down that “bottle” that so damages her game. Her relationship with Jackie is a prime example of that: Jackie didn’t align with her, so now Vanessa wants her gone.

More tomorrow before the live show (and with Audrey’s bizarre behavior, will it be live, or live to tape?), as we start a brand new week that could go several different weeks.


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