Day 34: Audrey On The Lam

Audrey's still there...barely.
Audrey’s still there…barely.

After a most unusual day on Sunday, Monday proved even more bizarre.

The POV meeting usually held in the late morning or very early afternoon (in BB time), where the winner of that competition usually decides whether or not to use the veto and on whom, was delayed several hours. Audrey, who has been in an almost catatonic state since of series of arguments the day before, was holed up in the Diary Room for several hours.

In the absence of any solid information in this day and age, rumor spreads. Houseguests wondered if she had quit the show, and so did I, even though an outright quitting of the show over game circumstances has never occurred in the seventeen seasons the show has been on. My logic was that since Audrey was the most unique houseguest in show history, so aggressive when on offense and so weak defending herself, that if anyone was going to break through the “quit barrier” it was going to be her.

Unlike other versions of Big Brother worldwide, on our version quitting simply doesn’t happen unless it is combined with other sets of circumstances. It’s kind of like the Eagles song Hotel California: except you can get evicted anytime you want, but you can never leave. The houseguests are told that should they quit, they are excommunicated (as Austin put it yesterday) from the CBS “family” of shows and opportunities. Once they are done with you, they’re done with you.

Right around 4pm BBT, Audrey emerged, reporting straight to the Have Not room. The POV meeting took place, with Jason being taken off the block by Vanessa, and Audrey placed on the block in absentia, an unprecedented move in show history. Later on in the wee hours of the evening/morning, Audrey emerged to much on some pizza, even though she is a HAVE NOT for the week with that kind of food definitely not allowed under such penalties.

I liked Audrey, but if she wanted to leave the game, she should have been allowed to. Why not have substitute houseguests on standby like other countries do? Surely, CBS can afford to have alternate houseguests hole up in a hotel for weeks at a time like the judicial system can pay for alternate jurors in a prominent trial, right? Letting her not attend the veto meeting, and eat normal foods while other have-nots aren’t allowed to, is disrespect to the game, and the producers would rather have THAT then let a “prized student” leave before her time. It’s ridiculous.

Another round of rankings tomorrow, and it looks like I may have a change on top of the leader board unless anything dramatic happens today.


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