Day 33: Shelli’s Lynch Mob

Vanessa seemed on the verge of a meltdown during her arguments with Audrey yesterday.
Vanessa seemed on the verge of a meltdown during her arguments with Audrey yesterday.

Usually I wait until the POV meeting to conclude before I post on a Monday, but after yesterday, there is little doubt what will happen. It is just a matter of who gets saved, with my guess being it will be Jason.

You know it’s a very bizarre day in the house when Jackie makes the most sense of the group and it rains at the house for the second day in a row, but it is an early candidate for the day of the year so far.

It began innocently enough, with Clay and Audrey engaging on their usual banter, but things quickly went to DEFCON 1 when Clay started to criticize Audrey’s play when she suggested she might take some medication in the future. The two argued for 55 minutes, with Clay retreating to the HOH room, and Audrey not too far behind. Then Vanessa (who at points screeched at Audrey) attacked Audrey verbally, then Shelli when Aud was slow to leave the private bedroom.

The fables were told into the night, with the “power trio” doing most of the telling. Jackie queried Clay as to why the group didn’t do this when they had the chance a couple of weeks ago.

The real loser in this series of arguments past Audrey might be Vanessa, who screamed like a banshee at Audrey when she started telling things back to the poker pro that were true. Vanessa looks more and more like a con artist to me, one way beyond Audrey’s heavy chicanery in a game context. She cried over bullying the very first night, and now is very much the bully a month later.

Now Audrey is a no-doubt goner, and leaves Thursday unless production intervenes with a twist. It should be noted that there has been no official “BB Takeover” yet, just a theme for the week. It will take something like that to save her, since no one in the house will.


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