Day 32: Fork In The Road

Audrey might be wise to change her identity...
Audrey might be wise to change her identity…

Vanessa took the POV title yesterday in the “cut the wire” contest that was used late in the year last season that Christine won. As has been the case all week, this lead pack discuss all the options but doesn’t settle on anything final until the last moment. It’s good decision making skills for them, but it drives the feed watchers crazy.

The decision Vanessa makes tomorrow, and (if need be) Shelli’s decision on who will be the replacement nominee is HUGE right now. It is every week of course, but I get the feeling that these upcoming decisions are going to be a real game changer. Did you notice how Shelli left the DR crying Saturday afternoon? Production not wanting Audrey up is a distinct possibility, especially this early in the game. I mentioned back on June 23rd that the recruited Miss Middleton might get a nudge or two, and now that situation may play itself out. With Vanessa winning POV, it now gives production options on whom to work down to get Audrey to stay, if that’s the path they choose.

If Vanessa does not use the veto, who goes home is a bit of a mystery. Jason seems the more logical target, but does Shelli want to be remembered as the HOH when an African-American woman and a gay man were evicted from the house? I’d look for the “Sixth Sense” to try and get out John this week if nominees remain the same, as it’s a much smarter play with the Pennsylvania dentist proving himself a competitive threat.

I’ve also noticed some fissures in the Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa alliance, and that they want to play for themselves a wee bit more as the season progresses. Clay will likely kick Shelli to the curb at some point if just a nudge can do the trick, and Shelli’s dependence on Vanessa may grate on the poker pro known as “Lady Maverick” before too long.

It should be a slow day, but an interesting day none the less.


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