Day 31: Talk Of Treason

Audrey and Vanessa ham it up earlier this week...
Audrey and Vanessa ham it up earlier this week…

James and Jackie earned their safety last night by winning a BOTB contest that involved smashing some pumpkins, with John yet again throwing things in an effort to appease Duchess Shelli and Lord Clay and their wishes to keep their options open for the week ahead at Jason’s expense. Oddly, Shelli was open to John giving his best effort, while Clay was more adamant that the fix remain in. Place a star by that moment in the timeline, friends.

This lead pack group, who are starting to remind me of a Latin American dictatorship, then reopened the discussions as to whom should go this week, with James providing some intel to Shelli that Audrey was talking behind the backs of Shelli and Vanessa. Discussions went deep into the night, and the conclusion being that Audrey must now pay the price for her disloyalty with her eviction.

Sound familiar? It does to me.

Remember last year when Cody was HOH, and Victoria won a POV to save herself? He wrestled with whether or not to put Caleb up on the block on Day 32, with Derrick advising Cody not to do it. Instead of the “Beast Mode Cowboy” going home pre-jury, Brittany was paired with Donny in that eviction round, with Brittany going home. That decision proved a turning point in the season, with Caleb kept around several more weeks until Day 90, finishing fourth.

Here we are one year later with a similar situation. The “Sixth Sense” seems to want Jason targeted, but Audrey is proving an attractive nuisance. If she goes sooner rather than later, it would likely break up this big alliance into a couple of factions, while keeping her around likely keeps a target in front of them the size of China. Will Shelli pull the trigger, or will she remember what she said a couple of weeks ago and not be the impetus that sends Audrey home?


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