Day 30: The Alliance Of Reliance

Clay and John hug after John
Clay and John hug after John “agrees” to throw the next Battle Of The Block as has been attempted twice before.

There are points during the course of the season that drive fans crazy, and it appears for the majority of us, we have reached such a choke point today.

The “Sixth Sense” alliance, with Shelli and Liz co-manning the helm for most of today, could not reach a consensus as to who to nominate until the waning moments prior to nominations, and even Vanessa coming in late to supervise didn’t really help things much. Liz went with Jackie and James, while Shelli put up Jason and John. The Pennsylvania’s dentist name came into play when Clay and John made a deal to throw yet another BOTB sometime today. (Late word coming in that Shelli talked to John, saying he does NOT have to throw the comp.)

Thus lies the flaws in the Battle Of The Block concept to begin with, and you’d think that the producers would have adjusted the rules between seasons. If you lose, you still get an extra chance to save yourself with the POV competition. The HOH is rewarded with a full-time reign by picking a team that can LOSE BOTB, not win it.

I mentioned this on Twitter today, forgive me for the incorrect usage of quotation marks in the next to last sentence:

You still might have people throwing BOTB, but not being able to control who is dethroned as HOH giving the winner that choice might solve a considerable amount of the problem.

If all goes to schedule, BOTB will played later today or tonight. More on that tomorrow.


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