Day 29: Two Legit To Quit


The headlines, as they sometimes do, have my attention this eviction night, with the senseless killing of 4 US Marines in Chattanooga being the story this evening. It is a sharp reminded that the events in a house in California is just a reality show game, no matter who wins or loses, and whoever loses tonight gets $4,000 or so in a couple of months, which is not a terrible haul.

I didn’t think Jeff had the votes to stay in the game coming into tonight, despite all of his campaigning and protestations. He could get three votes in the best case scenario, but six keeps him in the game, and there seemed to be no path there. Surprisingly, he wound up getting four votes, but that still wasn’t enough, as he was the third evicted, keeping James in the game by a 7-4 count.

The HOH competition was a question-and-answer affair with a New York/90’s style theme. After a dance number was performed, questions were asked about it. Liz and Shelli were the last two to survive after a handful of questions, making them HOH candidates this week. If Shelli’s BOTB team should lose that upcoming competition, she will be the fourth houseguest in series history to have two full-time HOH reigns.  Jessie did the deed in BB11, with Rachel getting off to fast starts in BB’s 12 and 13.

No “BB Takeover” was shown during the live show, but a 90’s theme was hinted at for the course of the week, and that will leave one houseguest very blue come next Thursday. With Shelli HOH again, will Clay do anything for love? I could write a ton of these puns, but I’ll quit while I’m ahead.


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