Day 28: Rankings, Part 3

John chatting with Vanessa in the HOH room yesterday.
John chatting with Vanessa in the HOH room yesterday.

Once again, I make my attempt and ranking everybody in the game. This week I had some big shakeups, so let me give you the ranks and I’ll discuss them afterwards.

1. John
2. Jason
3. Steve
4. Becky
5. Liz/Julia
6. Meg
7. Austin
8. Shelli
9. Vanessa
10. James
11. Clay
12. Jackie
13. Audrey
14. Jeff

You can pretty much throw a blanket over the top 3, as I have John, Steve, and Jason in a close cluster near the top. I would say one thing: keep an eye on John getting “Judded” once when get to the first double eviction. Like Judd a couple of years ago during BB15, I’m looking for a “lightning coup” possibly once we get that far.

No one seems to notice Becky, so she’s right there in the lead pack.

Everybody wants to notice the twins, but no one DOES notice them, so they shoot up to fifth this week from 12th place. I’m thinking they will be safe this week with some more immediate targets in place.

Vanessa had a lackluster HOH run with her obsession to “pin” something on Jeff, so that makes her a possible target this week, falling hard from 1 to 9. James did a good job this week rehabbing his image, but I still think he may be in the general scheme of plots to be evicted, so he’s at 10th position.

There’s separation between Shelli and Clay this week for the first time. I’m thinking Audrey is going to make a play at driving a wedge between them should she win HOH or win an HOH candidacy Thursday night. That’s how the game used to be played, right?

Audrey’s in what I call the “mercy seat” at next to last. She has a most unique game, but everyone in the house talks about getting her out still. Problem is, that’s all they do.

More tomorrow…


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