Day 27: She’s An Agent Provocateur

Audrey Middleton, surviving and thriving in Big Brother 17...
Audrey Middleton, surviving and thriving in Big Brother 17…

Many of the BB experts in social media expect Audrey to stir the pot after Jeff was placed up on the block, and at around 4pm BBT yesterday, the first transgendered houseguest in show history did not disappoint us. She got into a spat with Clay, her usual verbal sparring partner, and it didn’t take long for the fangs to sprout on both sides in Vanessa’s HOH room.

I might not be giving her social game all the credit it deserves, as it may be the most diabolical social game ever witnessed on this series in this country. She will verbally jab anyone anywhere, and at any time, and when it is least expected.

Can you imagine the havoc she’d wreak on the house if she became HOH? No one would be able to predict what she’d do, and I’d tend to think she’d cause some major chaos. Since she hinkies votes, could she hinkie nominations as well?

Jace had an argument with her, and he’s gone. Likewise with Da’Vonne. And now Clay gave her some major banter last night, which could lead to his downfall in the coming weeks.

Other than that, not a lot went on yesterday that was substantive. Normally, I’d expect likewise on this Tuesday with nothing major on the agenda, but this Georgia firecracker in the house, you never know.


3 thoughts on “Day 27: She’s An Agent Provocateur

  1. I think Audrey could last another couple of weeks but she won’t win the season. Of course she could prove me wrong. She will need some allies to help her along the way though.

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