Day 26: Pot Committed

A quiet start to the festivities on Monday morning...
A quiet start to the festivities on Monday morning…

As everyone expected, John did indeed use the POV on himself to remove any chance of remaining nominated, and then reigning HOH Vanessa went ahead and placed Jeff on the block, making him a clear favorite to go home three days from now. That is, unless something highly dramatic occurs that rallies the house around him.

Vanessa is now obsessed with making the vote to evict Jeff an 11-0 unanimous one. John has already stated that he will throw Jeff a vote to stay, and with Audrey’s ever present hinky vote, it could wind up 9-2 in a worst case scenario.

Jeff did lobby his case to Vanessa yesterday (amid all the various “parties” and a watered-down truth or dare game the group was forced to play in under penalty of being a have not for the remainder of the week), but each time things did not go well. What Jeff didn’t realize was that poker pro was trying to manufacture a reason to put him on the block when she didn’t really need any as HOH.

As I heard the Big Brother Gossip podcast wonder about this morning (the show aired Saturday night, but I always seem to get around to it Mondays), could Vanessa’s mood swings be attributed to medications she may or may not be taking? A couple of years ago, it seemed half the house was on Adderall, which is used for attention deficits and chronic sleeping disorders. Get a couple of houseguests off their meds, or one on meds and one not on meds, and it made for some interesting discussions on the feeds during BB15.

What rules the show has concerning who gets medicated for what, and for how long, would be worth investigating and asking questions about, but I doubt the network nor production would want to delve into that issue.


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