Day 25: It Just Got Real

Jeff fights with Vanessa while Austin looks on.
Jeff fights with Vanessa while Austin looks on.

John once again came through and took his 2nd straight POV, proving to be an early competitive beast. He’s been in every competition so far except the 1st HOH when he wasn’t in the house, and has been the focal point in every comp he’s been in, either winning it or throwing it.

Meanwhile, Vanessa has caught a rather severe case of HOH-itis and has allowed Audrey (who has proven to be the most dangerous player of them all so far) in as a minister of propaganda. In the afternoon, it was Meg who was brought and told Audrey’s spin as if it were the gospel. Then, after John won POV and Vanessa got into it briefly with Austin alleging he threw the comp (which appears to be correct), she set her sights on how to set up Jeff to backdoor him and to get him evicted come Thursday.


Early this morning, as expected, Jeff and Vanessa drew swords and got into a heated dispute, with Jeff getting blamed for subterfuge against others (mainly Austin and Shelli) on several occasions. Most interestingly, when Jeff accused Vanessa of wanting to align with him, the HOH ran like a chicken with her head cut off, putting Jeff on blast before retreating to her room, selling his attack to Audrey and others.

While this went on, James tells Meg and Jason in the kitchen that “it just got real.” It most certainly has.

Personally, I think Vanessa’s game would have been well better served NOT winning HOH a couple of days ago. The power has gone to her head and she has masterminded a plot to rid the house of Jeff when such an elaborate plot wasn’t needed to begin with. Now, Jeff can rally the house around himself in these next few days, using the vote as a referendum on Audrey much more as it will be against Vanessa.

Look for Jeff to go up Monday against James, and look to see if Tampa native can rally the troops.


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