Day 24: The Usual Suspects

The quad feed right after the third round of nominations...
The quad feed right after the third round of nominations…

They had the latest round of nominations early, with Austin selecting Jason and Meg, while Vanessa grabbed up James and Johnny Mac, who promised to throw the competition as he did the week prior. A few hours later came the Battle Of The Block, won by Meg and Jason to dethrone Austin, leaving Vanessa as HOH, and James and John the current nominees. There is a target in mind for a backdoor nomination that keeps changing, with the smart money being on Jeff or an outside chance of Audrey being it.

After noms, Jason and Meg went into a tirade on Austin, and I don’t understand what Austin was doing listening to it in the first place. Jason voiced his displeasure not only about being a constant nominee who is merely a pawn for what goes on later in the week, but of the entire Battle Of The Block process. I found myself in total agreement that BOTB is a huge time waster which in a sense rewards bad player and bad play by punishing floaters (people with no constant alliances). Hopefully, one of the forthcoming twists gets rid of this a bit early, because no one I know likes the damn thing.

Jeff’s behavior the night before made the rounds, appearing on TMZ and on The Daily Beast. Of course, TMZ didn’t really bother to look at the very same piece of footage they put up, passing some very premature judgments. While you could see Jeff doing something with his hands talking to Julia (as Liz), it is unclear exactly what he was doing. Was he playing with himself? Was he merely scratching some part of the middle of his body? Unless Jeff fesses up to it at some point ahead, he gets the benefit of the doubt.

What does bother me about Jeff is his sexist attitudes in the house, not doing himself any favors in the above mentioned incident pointing out a sticky gray stain on Julia’s back that was NOT his own semen. If this were the UK version of Big Brother, Jeff would be long gone for his behavior, for they have rigid rules that do NOT change from season to season. Here, Jeff has become the new Aaryn from BB15, a poster boy for bad behavior. Of course production isn’t going to do anything about him. He’s controversy, and controversy creates cash, and more relevantly, ratings for CBS.

Unless Jeff pins down one of the ladies and forces them into something they don’t want, I’m 99% certain nothing will happen. What might end up happening is one of the women kicking his ass, giving no damns about winning $500,000 and getting DQ’ed from the game, and sadly that would be a ratings gold mine. People’s actions should mean more than that, though.


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