Day 23: The Curse Continues

Even Julie was acting a little nervous last night..
Even Julie was acting a little nervous last night..

As was widely expected, Da’Vonne wound up out of the Big Brother house, losing a 7-2 vote that kept Meg in the game. The L.A. area poker dealer didn’t mince words on her way out, saying the rest of the house were “cowards” for dispensing of her, and that they were afraid of putting Audrey up for fear of looking trans-phobic. Personally, I enjoyed her spunk in the house, but not being afraid to speak her mind was her downfall.

Da’Vonne also kept the “curse” going of first people to enter the house who haven’t won, although Rachel who entered first for BB12 won BB13 the following year. Count the first three seasons of Big Brother in Canada, and those who are the first to enter are 0-20, which BB2’s Nicole and BB15’s GinaMarie each finishing second the seasons they entered first.

They played a game that was a cross between a BB11 contest and beer pong to determine the new HOH, with Austin taking his share of that title outright. An odd thing happened along the way: three houseguests, Julia (as Liz), Vanessa. and James, each found the 23 “bucket” with their original toss, so a playoff was needed. Vanessa got the high bucket on the do-over, so she took the remaining HOH candidate slot.

The twist, you ask? Unless it has yet to be revealed, it appears to be, courtesy of Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, is that everybody is a have this week, and that no one is a have-not. If that’s the twist, it is a LAME one, so I hope there’s more is coming later in the week. Perhaps a POV “batsu” (punishment) game that winds up with Jeff in a pig outfit?

Speaking of Jeff and pigs, the early thinking of Austin and Vanessa is that it may be time for Jeff to go home via a backdoor. Even while the co-HOH’s were beginning their deliberations, Jeff made a rude remark to Julia (as Liz) saying there was something sticky on her back after possibly masturbating on her.

This is one of those occasions where I really wouldn’t mind if production rigs things for Jeff to go home. He’s a walking sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. If he indeed did the deed on Julia’s back, then that should be a disqualification, and a no-doubter at that.

Because they were under covers, the story will depend on the accounts of both Jeff and Julia, and Julia didn’t say anything meaningful after the incident about semen being on her back. Plus, nobody seemed to see Jeff’s DNA on her back, either. However, keeping him in the game might cause one of the gals to go off and assault Jeff in self-defense, which might lead to a disqualification (if not multiple disqualifications) that way. Nip it in the bud, production!

Today they will deliberate on nominations some more until the ceremony takes place, and then BOTB should take place tonight. More thoughts tomorrow, unless anything BIG breaks.


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