Day 22: Julia Spills It

Julia (right) reveals to Vanessa (left) that she's not Liz, but that other twin.
Julia (right) reveals to Vanessa (left) that she’s not Liz, but that other twin!

I was going to wait until tonight and pour throw the live show results before I posted, but overnight there has been breaking developments on the twins front.

At around 2:09am PT, Vanessa was having a conversation with who we thought was Liz, but “Liz” reveals herself to be Julia. After about an hours worth of pillow talk, Vanessa (with Julia’s permission) goes to Clay and Shelli and tells them about Julia playing the role of Liz up in the HOH room.


I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of this. Was this done with or without production’s permission? When Frankie told Zach and others he was Ariana Grande’s brother last year, production seemed in on it. I’d tend to think that they were in on it this time, just for the sake of practicality.

Secondly, it shows yet again how a rule one year is ignored the next year, something I often harp about. BB12’s Annie wasn’t allowed to share the fact that she was the original Saboteur that season, under penalty of an unknown punishment. This season, Audrey was required to tell each of the fellow houseguests that she’s transgendered. (As you’ll remember, she did this on each premiere night at the start of the year.) But here we have the twins weaponizing their twist for their own advancement in the game.

What can I say? It’s CBS’s castle, we’re only allowed to look into it when they want us to.

More either later tonight or tomorrow.


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