Day 21: Rankings Update

Vanessa waking up on July 4th.
Vanessa waking up on July 4th.

As I did last Wednesday, it’s time to take a look at how I have the houseguests ranked.

With Jace gone on Day 15, and likely not to return, he is no longer ranked. Rankings in no way represent how I feel about the contestants, whoever I think has the best chance at winning is #1, whoever has the worst odds in my view is #15.

1. VANESSA: Have her up from 4th to 1st this week. Despite the emotional issues she’s been having, she’s writing a textbook on how to play Big Brother. She gathers info from everybody, then figures out how to use it to her advantage. Like Will from BB2/BB7 she’s also not winning comps, and if she continues to do this, she’ll stay off the radar a long time. Love her game!

2. JOHN: Fell from 1st from 2nd because he needed a veto to survive the week. Has a good social game, but appears to be in the sights of several houseguests, and even as a pawn that can be dangerous.

3. JASON:  Even though he was on the block for a bit this week, I have him up from 5 to 3. As he was saying last night, he is a BB history major, and it paid off in figuring out the twin twist with Da’Vonne. Wish he would lay off being so hateful with his smack toward the twins, but that might just be a temporary thing.

4. STEVE: Down from 3 to 4, as he was a nomination candidate once again this week, thus on people’s radar. Showed a lack of social game by avoiding Da’Vonne last night, thus hurting her feelings as evidenced later. Still not to late to weather his ongoing problems.

5. AUSTIN: Pretty much moves up from 7 to 5 by default with Meg and Da’Vonne on the block. Gung ho in getting rid of some of the competition mentioned above, so he may make a big move if he gets in power.

6. MEG: Down from 2 to 6, didn’t have a good week between being a Have Not and being on the block as a pawn. Have her at 6 and not any lower because unless there’s a “lightning coup” to save Da’Vonne that has yet to happen, she should survive the week.

7. BECKY: Up from 10 to 7, wanted to get rid of Audrey, which is the biggest move on the board right now. Another solid player who lays low and provides some comic relief to the game.

8. JACKIE: Moved up big from 13 to 8, as her quiet style of play works well when she’s not on the block.

9. JAMES: Up from 12 to 9 by default. Thinking there are bigger targets out there for the moment.

10. CLAY: Up from 11 to 10. Not really showing me yet that he has a game of his own, joined at the hip with Shelli.

11. SHELLI: Down from 9 to 11. Getting rid of Da’Vonne is a big move. But getting rid of Audrey was the biggest move, thus she wasted her HOH in my view. Plus, she let Clay be her “campaign manager” in this HOH reign, which makes her more of a target than he is. Their showmance doesn’t seem likely to last, it will just be a matter of who positions themselves to throw the other under the bus at some point ahead.

12. LIZ/JULIA: Down from 8 to 12, as their twist has been busted wide open. Might be the next target to go home, but production may have something to say about all of that. If so, rest assured we won’t hear about it.

13. AUDREY: Up from 15 to 13 , as somehow Shelli kept avoiding doing the house bidding, despite Aud constantly being snarky and flippant with Clay. Don’t know how she survived this week, but it opens the door for her to go a few more weeks in the game, maybe sneaking into the jury.

14. JEFF: Stayed at 14 this week, because I think people are going to get tired of his comments in the house that border on sexual harassment if they were heard in one of America’s workplaces.

15. DA’VONNE: Down to 15 all the way from 6, sadly. Mama Day appears to be a goner, and that’s a shame. Figured out the twin twist with the help of Jason this week, and gets nothing to show for it. Hopefully there will be a “Da’Vonne Rogers Rule” in future seasons that if someone busts a twist, they get a week’s immunity at least.

My next scheduled entry will be tomorrow night after the live show, unless anything big breaks in the intervening time.


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