Day 20: Twintervention?

Can you spot the differences?  I had trouble with it.
Can you spot the differences? I had trouble with it, that’s for sure.

Today is one of those perfect storm days in BB history where the one-off “Last Laugh” twist contest won Da’Vonne (to nullify three eviction votes) isn’t the big story. In fact, it is not the big story today by a LONGSHOT.

Sometime between 3-4pm PT yesterday, the two twin houseguests playing as a single entity, Liz and Julia Nolan, were switched out. Julia going in, Liz going out. (My source on this is Hamsterwatch, because I sure as hell can NOT figure out which is which.) But one of the feeds focused on Da’Vonne, and you could see the gears going off in her brain, thinking something was up.

She started consulting with Jason, who is not only a superfan, but a Big Brother history major who could tell you not only what happened but why, and what production may have been thinking at that point in time. From then on, feeders on social media could see the snowball running downhill. Others were let in one the secret until it got to the point where they were all looking at Liz’s photo on memory wall early this morning, analyzing every detail of her face and later comparing the differences in body parts in a somewhat in-polite way:


Unexpectedly, we have intrigue on the feeds once more at a time that’s usually a “dead zone” between the POV ceremony and the eviction on Thursday. While this may make for compelling viewing, I do hope the houseguests can keep the chatter friendly and not engage in the ugly bullying we saw in BB15.

It is also a shame that there wasn’t a game-changing reward connected to this discovery, as Da’Vonne sure could have used one.


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