Day 17: Coup De Clay?

Happy Fourth Of July!

As we mark the 239th anniversary of our country today, we’re counting down to hours to the second eviction of the seventeenth season. At this point, with John capturing the POV yesterday afternoon, it looks like Da’Vonne is in the sights of HOH Shelli and her accomplice Clay, who has had a very active role in her regime.

The only question appears to be who will go up on the block against Day, and that answer looks like it will be the Liz/Julia twins playing as Liz presently. Whichever twin was in the house last night was upset at the news that she will wind up being the pawn, and for good reason. Pawns have wound up on the short end of votes going back to Sheryl Braxton on BB2, so I’d look for Liz/Julia to work on Shelli to try and get her to reconsider her renom.

Throw into the mix the twist that will be revealed Monday of the person who fields the 7th call from Kathy Griffin getting the power to nullify three eviction votes come Thursday, and I wouldn’t count Da’Vonne out just yet.

From the tin-foil point of view, getting rid of Da’Vonne makes the sense it doesn’t appear to make on the surface. Remember that they didn’t air any of the Da’Vonne-Audrey fight from Tuesday on Thursday’s show we saw on the feeds, for one thing. Plus, Da’Vonne left the argument before, in her own words, she had to strike Audrey, so perhaps production doesn’t want a trans-gendered houseguest being harmed. If Day winds up in a vote against the twins, I doubt she winds up on the end of it that allows her to stay.

But that would also kill the mystique of the upcoming twist as well, wouldn’t it?


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