Day 16: Up All Night

WIth Friday being a de facto holiday for most since July 4th falls on a Saturday, nominations and Battle Of The Block have already been held, as was the case last year at this time.

Becky, fueled with anger that Audrey making racism allegations against her, had a strategy to backdoor her. She placed Jason and Steve up as pawns, while Shelli went with Da’Vonne and John. Shelli’s basically a figurehead this time around, doing what Clay wants her to do, and with Clay and Da’Vonne having an argument early in the season, Clay wants her gone.

At the BOTB competition, the Jason/Steve team won, deposing Becky. Shelli stays around as HOH, with Da’Vonne and John the pre-veto nominees. Audrey’s chances of staying around for another week have increased, but if Da’Vonne wins the veto, what will Clay…I mean Shelli’s plans be?

Not expecting much activity the rest of the day, unless they also decide to play the POV game today as well. For now, the houseguests will no doubt be getting some well-needed slumber time.


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