Day 15: Jace Gets Aced

What an opening week it was!
What an opening week it was!

Going into tonight’s show, there was no question that Jace was going to be the first voted out. The only question is would he tie Joey Van Pelt with the most one-sided vote in US BB history with a 13-0 tally?

Joey, your record is still safe for at least another year.

Audrey voted to evict Jackie, throwing the unlikely “hinky” (a vote to throw suspicion at others when a houseguest knows that the voting outcome is certain) to make it 12-1. Despite a bit of character assassination during the pre-vote farewell speech on James, Jace took the vote like a man and seemed glad to get out of there.

The twin twist was revealed, and, surprise of surprises, the twins are Liz and Julia Nolan. They have made four switches during the game, and voted together as one before making a fifth switch. Yet again, the social media networks had this twist successfully guessed.

Kathy Griffin made a brief appearance to tell the HG’s another twist was forthcoming. After joined Julie for a bit of comic relief and analysis before revealing the twist, which is actually a new one, shocker of shocks. A telephone will be placed into the house, and the person who picks up the 7th call gets the power to nullify three eviction votes next Thursday.

The HOH competition was a puzzle-building contest in two heats of seven players each, randomly drawn. Becky took the first heat, while Shelli took heat number two, making them each co-HOH’s, or HOH candidates  for now.

Analysis: Not a good night for Audrey, who appears under the gun at this point. All the co-HOH’s have to do is NOT nominate her, hope she doesn’t get picked for veto (a 75% chance of happening), then hope she doesn’t win veto if picked (an 83.33% chance of happening). If all of this happens, and the veto is used, you then backdoor Audrey, who goes up and out. Not that hard, is it?

All and all, it was a good show, with the usual gaps in editing, plus some audio blunders. The game placement for the first live HOH wasn’t anything new, but an event usually used in the double eviction shows seen later in the season.

I wish the producers would let us see these “random drawings” somehow, just for the sake of transparency.

Kathy Griffin’s chest bump with Julie was a bit awkward, wasn’t it? But Kathy’s never been afraid to go there.

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day in the compound between nominations and Battle Of The Block, but I’ll be here to make sense out of it.


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