Day 14: How They Rate

Sorry Shelli, I don't have you ranked at the top next week.  Still plenty of time to get there!
Sorry Shelli, I don’t have you ranked at the top next week. Still plenty of time to get there!

So here’s how I have the houseguests ranked as of the morning of the 14th day.  I’ll try and make this a regular feature.

1. JOHN: Stayed quiet in the malestrom that was this opening eviction round.

2. MEG: Did likewise, hence her high ranking.

3. STEVE: If he doesn’t win this season, he will always have his POV win and the word “trombonist” to remember him by.

4. VANESSA: I’d have her higher, but I’m a bit concerned by her breakdowns. Don’t think she’s doing it deliberately, but I could be wrong.

5. JASON: The BB resident scholar of the season, knows show history and some of the inside dirt. Not afraid to speak his mind to anyone.

6. DA’VONNE: A very aware houseguest, doesn’t say much because she doesn’t HAVE to say much, as evidenced by her tiff with Audrey yesterday.

7. AUSTIN: Not afraid to wheel and deal. Only a question of how long he can get away with that strategy.

8. LIZ/JULIA: I will rank these two together if and until they play seperately. Nothing spectacular from these two yet, although they have slipped up a moment or two trying to keep the “twin twist” under wraps.

9. SHELLI: Too attached to Clay for her own good, which is a hinderance to her own game.

10. BECKY: Won Battle Of The Block after being nominated, a bit too quiet being under the gun for my tastes. I still see her going far this year while others go out in their own blazes of glory.

11. CLAY: Another house organizer who hasn’t been as good at it as Austin and some others had, but better than others.

12. JAMES: His HOH run got off to a good start, but got caught up in the whole Audrey/Jace drama.

13. JACKIE: Where is she?

14. JEFF: Goes thru the motions, don’t think he’s there to truly play.

15. AUDREY: Reminds me of a heavyweight boxer who can throw a punch but also has a glass jaw.

16. JACE: Destined to join the “One and Done” club, population soon to be 17.


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