Day 44: Bye Bye, BOB

We have a long awaited power shift, a long awaited change in the power structure, and for the first time since 2004, we have twins in the house at the same time. James (and only James)¬†won an endurance HOH contest last night after cutting a deal with Shelli (that would keep her and Clay safe) […]

Day 43: The Path To Five

It still looks like Jason will be the one going home tonight, as it didn’t seen his campaigning had made any progress overnight from what I could see. His biggest move yesterday was calling¬†Liz a word beginning with “C” rhyming with “bunt” to Jackie, which won’t get him any more votes if that word gets […]

Day 42: In The Shelliverse

Time for another look at how I rank the houseguests in the game, and this week brings a new leader in the clubhouse. Here’s how I have it, with “Flirting With Disaster” by Molly Hatchet going off in my ears as I type this. An omen? 1. SHELLI: Running the game, so she’s on top […]

Day 41: Jason The Mastermind

Vanessa finally decided on what to do after a lengthy series of discussions. She nominated Jason, who took the demotion very well despite the fact it was a blindside. Jackie got pissed off and Meg cried on and off for several hours, but when they listened to Vanessa’s lengthy explanations, their emotions went away with […]

Day 40: Vanessa Explains It All

This might be an interesting day. For the life of me, I have no idea who Vanessa is going to put up as the nominee once Clay uses his veto today. It looks like Jason will be the renom, and that Vanessa has a “stutter step” planned, looking at Austin while saying Jason’s name. That […]

Day 39: The Never Ending Story

Clay won the Power of Veto yesterday afternoon, and assures his safety for next week. With him likely using the veto on himself, a struggle began to find the replacement nominee, with Austin still looking like the apparent top choice after hours of illogical thinking and HOH Vanessa’s thinking out loud. The game has really […]

Day 38: Fear And Loathing

We now know that Julia will be entering the house, as she and James won Battle Of The Block last night. That will make her an unprecedented 17th member of the house on Thursday and the 212th houseguest in show history. The result did not go to the plan of the HOH candidates, Vanessa and […]