Day 12: The Bigger Picture

Becky and John eating dinner yesterday, which also happened to be John's 28th birthday.
Becky and John eating dinner yesterday, which also happened to be John’s 28th birthday.

It’s a much quieter house today, with Jace telling Audrey a few hours ago that he won’t be continuing to attack her after the two got into the first fight recorded on the live feeds around 8:20pm PT last night. The conspiracy zone is already wondering (and for that matter, so am I) if the DR got to Jace and told him to back off earlier today. Doing so would not only benefit Jackie, but would also make Audrey able to rehabilitate her image as the strategist with the non-stop motor.

This tells me that the show has big plans for Audrey, as is their wont with stuntcasted houseguests the last few years. Granted, this year we have a whole litter of stuntcasted folk on the show, but I think Audrey is going to be this year’s Frankie, or put another way, this year’s Elissa. She (Audrey) probably won’t win the season, but will probably go deep into the game as the houseguest people tune in to hate on.

The only problem, if social media is an accurate indication of the mood of the viewers, is that I’m not seeing any indications that people actually like Audrey as some did last year with Frankie. Hence, the need for production to perhaps tell Jace to surcease with the bashing and the prying of her strategy.

More tomorrow…


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