Day 11: Temple Of Doom


As expected, Steve vetoed himself off and reigning HOH placed Jace up in his place. Jace did not take it well, and got into heated discussions with James immediately after the POV meeting, then Audrey a few hours later while the CBS show was airing on the East Coast.

That means either Jace or Jackie goes home on Thursday, and joins that elusive “One And Done” club (my name for it, anyway) with those 16 other players who were the first out their respective years. At this point, Jace appears the overwhelming favorite to be evicted. If Jackie leaves, that means the vote became a referendum on always engaged Audrey, and the house will circle the wagons to get her out next unless the Atlanta-area contestant wins HOH.

I still think Jace is doomed for another reason: merely because he wasn’t a stuntcast houseguest like Jackie is. We haven’t had multiple stuntcastings since BB14, with Janelle getting voted out third that year. I think we may see a stuntcasted houseguest leave the game before the jury as was the case three years ago, but I don’t think any of the six leave week one.

Another challenge: finding things to talk about these next three nights…


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