Day 10: Twins And Spins

BB17 houseguests Vanessa Rousso and Jason Roy.
BB17 houseguests Vanessa Rousso and Jason Roy.

Despite some promising chatter, there hasn’t been a lot that’s gone on the past 24 hours. They got their first booze delivery of the season (that we know of), which sometimes loosens up hearts and minds that lead to confrontations, and sometimes does not, this being one of those times. Oh, well. A lot of season left to be played.

The conjecture from social media (who’s rarely wrong in their show speculation through the years) is that Liz and her sister are the twin twist. In other words, Liz and her sister Julia are alternating playing as Liz as the hours and days progress. We don’t know for sure how this is working out, or that indeed Liz and Julia are the twist for that matter. Could their also be OTHER sets of twins in the house? We’ll have to wait for the first live show of the season on July 2nd to get confirmation.

Personally, I’m 99.99% sure that Liza and Julia are the twin twist. The key: study the noses. One twin has quite a pronounced schnozz on her (which I say lovingly), the other’s nose seems wider and flatter.

With no POV meeting on tap tonight (it will either be Sunday or Monday with the lengthy 15 day HOH cycle), there shouldn’t be a lot to report about, unless they get into some more verbal sparring and parannoying (thank you Diane Henry from BB5 for that gem) this evening.


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