Day 9: Catching Up

News came today that same-sex marriage is now law of the land in all 50 states, a move long overdue in this country. Got to think that, even in a small way, Big Brother was part of that movement, putting Bunky in the second season back in 2001 and others in the house in subsequent years. Over the years, we got to learn that people in the LGBT universe are just like us, the only difference is the gender they choose to sleep with.

Waiting for the live feeds is a party, but the first few hours of the feeds are like cramming for a final exam. (I warn you now that the following information is spoiler material, and I only do this warning ONCE every season.) It turned out that James put Steve and Jackie on the block, with Jason doing likewise to Becky and John. The latter team won Battle Of The Block, which deposed Jason and making James the sole HOH for the remainder of this first cycle.

This afternoon, Steve won POV, and then things got very confusing since there were no feeds the past few days to put events into context. Audrey was not a happy camper, wanting to get at whoever it was who was engaging in loose talk behind her back. The only problem is no one really fessed up to it, and why would anybody do so at this point of the game with the assurance that the veto would be used?

She then went on and on for over an hour, continuing to question any and all of her fellow houseguests she could summon. Later in the evening, Da’Vonne was unclearly happy with Audrey with what had transpired earlier, even wondering if she was even transgendered as she has said she is.

James, the reigning HOH, has a plan, and the scrambling this afternoon hasn’t changed his ideas, at least yet. When Steve vetoes himself off, his plan is for Jace to be the re-nom against Jackie in the eviction vote next Thursday. I really doubt Jackie goes anywhere in that instance (stunt-casted houseguests have never gone away quickly, have you noticed?), unless there is a seismic shift of opinion in the house these next few days leading up to the July 2nd eviction.

I haven’t even gotten around to the twins yet! Might do that tomorrow, since you’re now all caught up on the more relevant events. With all the fireworks this afternoon, what could happen tonight?


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