Day 8: Stand By For Feeds!

Julie Chen (lower left) with the first group of S17 houseguests..
Julie Chen (lower left) with the first group of S17 houseguests..

Going into tonight’s show, it’s one of those nights that I not only wonder what’s going on in real time inside the house, but in the studios of CBS off of Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. The first episode was pretty much panned not only in social media, but in the ratings as well. In the key 18-49 age demo, the show got a 2.0 rating, down from 2.3 for the premiere of BB16 last year.

Tonight, I think they’ll take a sizable hit in the ratings of around 20 percent, my thinking being that they will do about a 1.6 in that same demo. I get the feeling people are pissed about all of these twists returning from seasons past. By the way, I think this is going to be the twist the entire year: no new twists, just old ones being used again.

At around 7:30 Eastern time, we got a little bit of a surprise with a few minutes worth of feeds. Feedsters were able to deduce quickly the two big surprises that aired a little later on the second premiere night. Good work, gang!

Jason was the winner of the 2nd co-HOH comp, meaning his duo of nominees met James’s duo in Battle Of The Block, meaning the winning team dethrones their respective nominator, leaving the other in place. The second surprise is that two more surprise houseguests were introduced from a recent season of The Amazing Race: Jackie Ibarra and Tampa’s own Jeff Weldon.

The TAR duo of course hold the advantage of knowing each other before entering the house, the others having no such connection, we think. It did not appear that Vanessa and Da’Vonne know each other, but looks can be deceiving.

A few hours from now, the feeds begin in earnest, and we’ll be learning a lot more.


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