Day 7: It Begins

Jeffy chats it up with John McGuire, one of the newest BB17 contestants.
Jeffy chats it up with John McGuire, one of the newest BB17 contestants.

Let’s try something new, shall we? Let me attempt to commentate on BB17 on a daily basis, and give you a diary that is worthy of the name of this blog.

It all begins this day for season 17, June 24th. I plunked down my debit card info and got the feeds thru the Hamsterwatch site. Up until today, I had wrestled with whether or not I wanted to get the feeds without knowing the whole cast or any of the twists, because the audience HAD that info by this time last year. Plus, as posted last night, I have trepidations that Audrey’s participation in the game is a media stunt to capitalize on the Caitlin Jenner buzz.

After I got the feeds, I went and tested the video quality, and sure enough I had a slight bit of trouble with Firefox, but that went way after running a Mozilla Plugin check. I’ll be ready to go when the feeds debut three hours after tomorrow’s CBS show ends.

As for tonight’s show, I didn’t think it went over all that well. I told you all back in March that I had a strong feeling Battle Of The Block would return, and so it has. (The two-night return gave this away, in retrospect.) Calling it a “fan favorite” twist is a stretch, though. Also, they’ll be partying like its 2004 in the BB house, because the twin twist will be returning, and much like BB5, if the twins make it through five weeks, they get to play as individual entities. They are not NEW twists, but the recycling of old ones to a newer crowd.

James won the first co-HOH in the first “block” of competitors, with the second block competing as the show airs tomorrow.


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