Day 13: Audrey Gets Got

Audrey continues to be the focal point of the show and the feeds for yet another day, making a critical error re-engaging Jace into another argument when she would have been well advised to stay away from him and run out the clock. The argument last night lasted about five minutes, but Jace held his […]

Day 12: The Bigger Picture

It’s a much quieter house today, with Jace telling Audrey a few hours ago that he won’t be continuing to attack her after the two got into the first fight recorded on the live feeds around 8:20pm PT last night. The conspiracy zone is already wondering (and for that matter, so am I) if the […]

Day 11: Temple Of Doom

As expected, Steve vetoed himself off and reigning HOH placed Jace up in his place. Jace did not take it well, and got into heated discussions with James immediately after the POV meeting, then Audrey a few hours later while the CBS show was airing on the East Coast. That means either Jace or Jackie […]

Day 10: Twins And Spins

Despite some promising chatter, there hasn’t been a lot that’s gone on the past 24 hours. They got their first booze delivery of the season (that we know of), which sometimes loosens up hearts and minds that lead to confrontations, and sometimes does not, this being one of those times. Oh, well. A lot of […]

Day 9: Catching Up

Supreme Court rules 5 to 4 same-sex marriage is legal nationwide in landmark decision – @NBCNews — Breaking News (@BreakingNews) June 26, 2015 News came today that same-sex marriage is now law of the land in all 50 states, a move long overdue in this country. Got to think that, even in a small way, […]

Day 8: Stand By For Feeds!

Going into tonight’s show, it’s one of those nights that I not only wonder what’s going on in real time inside the house, but in the studios of CBS off of Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. The first episode was pretty much panned not only in social media, but in the ratings as well. In […]

Day 7: It Begins

Let’s try something new, shall we? Let me attempt to commentate on BB17 on a daily basis, and give you a diary that is worthy of the name of this blog. It all begins this day for season 17, June 24th. I plunked down my debit card info and got the feeds thru the Hamsterwatch […]