Day 13: Audrey Gets Got

The feeds late on Monday night.  Jace and Audrey have another argument, this time Jace being the clear winner.

The feeds late on Monday night. Jace and Audrey have another argument, this time Jace being the clear winner.

Audrey continues to be the focal point of the show and the feeds for yet another day, making a critical error re-engaging Jace into another argument when she would have been well advised to stay away from him and run out the clock.

The argument last night lasted about five minutes, but Jace held his ground while Audrey lost all of hers in the eyes of the house. This morning and early afternoon, Audrey tried to explain herself to some of the others, and they were not buying it all. This led to a yet ANOTHER heated fight/house meeting between Audrey and Da’Vonne just before 2:00pm PT, and the poker dealer from Inglewood let Aud have it, and plenty of it, reducing her to tears thereafter.

Jace still appears to be the odds-on favorite to be the one gone in two days, though anything can happen in the house, as this group has proven often even before we’ve even gotten to the first eviction.

Audrey also seems to know about the twin twist, with some in social media even saying production tipped her off (namely a producer named Matthew) and is ordering her to keep quiet about it. Perhaps this might explain why she appeared untouchable yesterday, and anything but today?  We’ll see.

Day 12: The Bigger Picture

Becky and John eating dinner yesterday, which also happened to be John's 28th birthday.

Becky and John eating dinner yesterday, which also happened to be John’s 28th birthday.

It’s a much quieter house today, with Jace telling Audrey a few hours ago that he won’t be continuing to attack her after the two got into the first fight recorded on the live feeds around 8:20pm PT last night. The conspiracy zone is already wondering (and for that matter, so am I) if the DR got to Jace and told him to back off earlier today. Doing so would not only benefit Jackie, but would also make Audrey able to rehabilitate her image as the strategist with the non-stop motor.

This tells me that the show has big plans for Audrey, as is their wont with stuntcasted houseguests the last few years. Granted, this year we have a whole litter of stuntcasted folk on the show, but I think Audrey is going to be this year’s Frankie, or put another way, this year’s Elissa. She (Audrey) probably won’t win the season, but will probably go deep into the game as the houseguest people tune in to hate on.

The only problem, if social media is an accurate indication of the mood of the viewers, is that I’m not seeing any indications that people actually like Audrey as some did last year with Frankie. Hence, the need for production to perhaps tell Jace to surcease with the bashing and the prying of her strategy.

More tomorrow…

Day 11: Temple Of Doom


As expected, Steve vetoed himself off and reigning HOH placed Jace up in his place. Jace did not take it well, and got into heated discussions with James immediately after the POV meeting, then Audrey a few hours later while the CBS show was airing on the East Coast.

That means either Jace or Jackie goes home on Thursday, and joins that elusive “One And Done” club (my name for it, anyway) with those 16 other players who were the first out their respective years. At this point, Jace appears the overwhelming favorite to be evicted. If Jackie leaves, that means the vote became a referendum on always engaged Audrey, and the house will circle the wagons to get her out next unless the Atlanta-area contestant wins HOH.

I still think Jace is doomed for another reason: merely because he wasn’t a stuntcast houseguest like Jackie is. We haven’t had multiple stuntcastings since BB14, with Janelle getting voted out third that year. I think we may see a stuntcasted houseguest leave the game before the jury as was the case three years ago, but I don’t think any of the six leave week one.

Another challenge: finding things to talk about these next three nights…

Day 10: Twins And Spins

BB17 houseguests Vanessa Rousso and Jason Roy.

BB17 houseguests Vanessa Rousso and Jason Roy.

Despite some promising chatter, there hasn’t been a lot that’s gone on the past 24 hours. They got their first booze delivery of the season (that we know of), which sometimes loosens up hearts and minds that lead to confrontations, and sometimes does not, this being one of those times. Oh, well. A lot of season left to be played.

The conjecture from social media (who’s rarely wrong in their show speculation through the years) is that Liz and her sister are the twin twist. In other words, Liz and her sister Julia are alternating playing as Liz as the hours and days progress. We don’t know for sure how this is working out, or that indeed Liz and Julia are the twist for that matter. Could their also be OTHER sets of twins in the house? We’ll have to wait for the first live show of the season on July 2nd to get confirmation.

Personally, I’m 99.99% sure that Liza and Julia are the twin twist. The key: study the noses. One twin has quite a pronounced schnozz on her (which I say lovingly), the other’s nose seems wider and flatter.

With no POV meeting on tap tonight (it will either be Sunday or Monday with the lengthy 15 day HOH cycle), there shouldn’t be a lot to report about, unless they get into some more verbal sparring and parannoying (thank you Diane Henry from BB5 for that gem) this evening.

Day 9: Catching Up

News came today that same-sex marriage is now law of the land in all 50 states, a move long overdue in this country. Got to think that, even in a small way, Big Brother was part of that movement, putting Bunky in the second season back in 2001 and others in the house in subsequent years. Over the years, we got to learn that people in the LGBT universe are just like us, the only difference is the gender they choose to sleep with.

Waiting for the live feeds is a party, but the first few hours of the feeds are like cramming for a final exam. (I warn you now that the following information is spoiler material, and I only do this warning ONCE every season.) It turned out that James put Steve and Jackie on the block, with Jason doing likewise to Becky and John. The latter team won Battle Of The Block, which deposed Jason and making James the sole HOH for the remainder of this first cycle.

This afternoon, Steve won POV, and then things got very confusing since there were no feeds the past few days to put events into context. Audrey was not a happy camper, wanting to get at whoever it was who was engaging in loose talk behind her back. The only problem is no one really fessed up to it, and why would anybody do so at this point of the game with the assurance that the veto would be used?

She then went on and on for over an hour, continuing to question any and all of her fellow houseguests she could summon. Later in the evening, Da’Vonne was unclearly happy with Audrey with what had transpired earlier, even wondering if she was even transgendered as she has said she is.

James, the reigning HOH, has a plan, and the scrambling this afternoon hasn’t changed his ideas, at least yet. When Steve vetoes himself off, his plan is for Jace to be the re-nom against Jackie in the eviction vote next Thursday. I really doubt Jackie goes anywhere in that instance (stunt-casted houseguests have never gone away quickly, have you noticed?), unless there is a seismic shift of opinion in the house these next few days leading up to the July 2nd eviction.

I haven’t even gotten around to the twins yet! Might do that tomorrow, since you’re now all caught up on the more relevant events. With all the fireworks this afternoon, what could happen tonight?

Day 8: Stand By For Feeds!

Julie Chen (lower left) with the first group of S17 houseguests..

Julie Chen (lower left) with the first group of S17 houseguests..

Going into tonight’s show, it’s one of those nights that I not only wonder what’s going on in real time inside the house, but in the studios of CBS off of Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. The first episode was pretty much panned not only in social media, but in the ratings as well. In the key 18-49 age demo, the show got a 2.0 rating, down from 2.3 for the premiere of BB16 last year.

Tonight, I think they’ll take a sizable hit in the ratings of around 20 percent, my thinking being that they will do about a 1.6 in that same demo. I get the feeling people are pissed about all of these twists returning from seasons past. By the way, I think this is going to be the twist the entire year: no new twists, just old ones being used again.

At around 7:30 Eastern time, we got a little bit of a surprise with a few minutes worth of feeds. Feedsters were able to deduce quickly the two big surprises that aired a little later on the second premiere night. Good work, gang!

Jason was the winner of the 2nd co-HOH comp, meaning his duo of nominees met James’s duo in Battle Of The Block, meaning the winning team dethrones their respective nominator, leaving the other in place. The second surprise is that two more surprise houseguests were introduced from a recent season of The Amazing Race: Jackie Ibarra and Tampa’s own Jeff Weldon.

The TAR duo of course hold the advantage of knowing each other before entering the house, the others having no such connection, we think. It did not appear that Vanessa and Da’Vonne know each other, but looks can be deceiving.

A few hours from now, the feeds begin in earnest, and we’ll be learning a lot more.

Day 7: It Begins

Jeffy chats it up with John McGuire, one of the newest BB17 contestants.

Jeffy chats it up with John McGuire, one of the newest BB17 contestants.

Let’s try something new, shall we? Let me attempt to commentate on BB17 on a daily basis, and give you a diary that is worthy of the name of this blog.

It all begins this day for season 17, June 24th. I plunked down my debit card info and got the feeds thru the Hamsterwatch site. Up until today, I had wrestled with whether or not I wanted to get the feeds without knowing the whole cast or any of the twists, because the audience HAD that info by this time last year. Plus, as posted last night, I have trepidations that Audrey’s participation in the game is a media stunt to capitalize on the Caitlin Jenner buzz.

After I got the feeds, I went and tested the video quality, and sure enough I had a slight bit of trouble with Firefox, but that went way after running a Mozilla Plugin check. I’ll be ready to go when the feeds debut three hours after tomorrow’s CBS show ends.

As for tonight’s show, I didn’t think it went over all that well. I told you all back in March that I had a strong feeling Battle Of The Block would return, and so it has. (The two-night return gave this away, in retrospect.) Calling it a “fan favorite” twist is a stretch, though. Also, they’ll be partying like its 2004 in the BB house, because the twin twist will be returning, and much like BB5, if the twins make it through five weeks, they get to play as individual entities. They are not NEW twists, but the recycling of old ones to a newer crowd.

James won the first co-HOH in the first “block” of competitors, with the second block competing as the show airs tomorrow.