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I was very happy to find out Wednesday night via Hamsterwatch that Sarah Hanlon had won the third season of Big Brother Canada. She seemed to be the voice of the season, and the voice of reason of this year’s cast, and it just so happened the votes went her way. Godfrey also played a great game to finish in second place and pick up $20,000 to Sarah’s $100,000 plus prizes.

Now we move on to the 17th Big Brother season, and the winds of change are blowing with 24 days to go before the first TV episodes air on CBS.

As I mentioned back on October 2nd of last year, CBS now has an “a la carte” TV series called CBS All Access where you can subscribe and get episodes from a smorgasbord of TV shows past and present, including all previous BB seasons here in the US. The live feeds will no longer be offered as a stand alone service, you now get that if you get CBSAA, and only if you get CBSAA for the $6 per month rate. If you don’t want the service past Big Brother season, you have to cancel your subscription once the season ends to avoid spending $72 a year as opposed to the $20-$30 you’d spend giving the live feeds prior to this year, either monthly or for the entire season.

Will the feeds be better on CBSAA? Will we see more as opposed to the feeds being blacked out during competitions in previous seasons? Will CBSAA be used as an excuse to show less of the feeds? These are all questions that haven’t been answered as of yet, and don’t hold your breath that they will get answered either. Why would they promise “24/7 feeds” all these years and suddenly rename their service All Access unless it were some kind of inside joke?

I also think ratings for this season might go down a bit because of the whole Josh Duggar fiasco, and the molestation scandal therein. It can’t be overlooked that there may be a backlash against reality TV in general as the scandal continues to percolate in the media, because that will beg the question of how many of these reality TV participants are chosen despite the major life malfunctions they seem to have. Big Brother US has had some questionable people on their show in their prior sixteen seasons in terms of their mental makeup, so I’m sure season seventeen will thus be no different.

My guess as to what the “twist” will be is that they bring back the “Battle Of The Block” format from last year, and that they offer some kind of individual immunity from the block as opposed to immunity for the nomination groups. Derrick was so good at this new brand of game last year that I’m sure the producers will “Derrick-proof” it somehow, perhaps putting an HOH at more risk as the week progresses. Allison Grodner and her production crew have shown in the past that they like to mashup twists from previous seasons, I’d expect some elements from BB15 in this season as well. Perhaps they bring back the three-nominee format used that year for the three remaining non-immune nominees, something like that.

The next blog entry will be June 21st, perhaps earlier if there is substantive news to report such as the twist and cast being revealed prior to June 14th, with fresh blog entries each Sunday with the exception of September 6th (The day my birthday falls on). I haven’t decided whether or not I will get the live feeds, as that will depend on the twist and cast reveal. I’m on the fence whether or not I’m buying or selling this year, but either way I’ll have plenty to say.


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