Sarah Hanlon, Pilar Nemer, and Ashleigh Wood chat things up about the boys, May 8th, 2015.
Sarah Hanlon, Pilar Nemer, and Ashleigh Wood chat things up about the boys, May 8th, 2015.

A lot to review this week isn’t there?

In the first eviction vote Wednesday, Bobby Hlad’s dreams of 100 grand were crushed as he was sent packing in a unanimous 7-0 vote, with Britnee Blair again serving as pawn.  The “lightning round” taking place all during Wednesday’s live show saw Britnee take the HOH mantle a second time, nominating the threesome of Kevin Martin, Zach Oleynik, and Pilar Nemer.

In an added stipulation, the HOH (Britnee) was not allowed to compete in the ensuing POV competition, won by Bruno Ielo.  Bruno then elected to remove Zach from the block, with Britnee putting WIlliow MacDonald up as the replacement nominee.  The vote to evict was actually a vote to save, with Pilar getting three votes to stay, which in turn sent both Kevin and Willow (who had the other two votes to stay) out of the game.

So far this week, the not-yet nominated Ashleigh Wood won HOH, nominating Sarah Hanlon and Godfrey Mangwiza.  Sarah will likely save herself off the block by winning POV Friday, forcing Miss Wood to make a new pick.  In yet another twist, Canada selects the Have-Nots this week, which is super important because they will compete amongst themselves for a secret power.  That power will force the comp winner into replacing one of the final nominees, and will also to give them the option to replace the other nominee.  Sarah and Britnee were the chosen two, with the winner of the “superpower” unclear as this issue went to press Sunday morning.

Whew, that was a lot to get out.

I wish the show would stop with the zillions of twists they’re throwing at us.  I get that a popular Canadian snack called Twistos is one of their sponsors, but with so many of these twists, the show is getting unrecognizable now. Whoever wins in a couple weeks will have been lucky, and not the benefactor of strategy he or she employed.

Further, I really didn’t care for the “superpower” competition, and I don’t think I will be alone when Canada sees it on TV.  It is (or was since it’s either ongoing or not at press time) reward disguised as a torturous punishment.  Watching the houseguests have mental breakdowns like Nakomis during BB5 here in the US isn’t fun or entertaining, it’s just stupid, and this season has seen a lot stupid things.  If Global TV is trying to kill off the show, they’re somewhat succeeding.

Ashleigh looks to me like she’s in the best position right now with Zach as her shield, but with either Sarah or Britnee winning the “superpower” and using those powers on Wednesday, her nomination-free streak will likely come to an end soon.  Who wins?  Who cares.  The game is a total crapshoot now.

I’ll be back in three weeks to recap BB Canada’s third show.  Frankly, between all the twists and that superpower competition, I really don’t want to give the show any more publicity beyond a wrap up of it.


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