Triple Witching Hour

Pilar has a shocked expression on her face from an earlier twist.

It seems to be a spring tradition that headlines grab my attention away from Big Brother Canada for a bit. Two years ago it was the tragic events in Boston, last year it was the tensions between Russia and the Ukraine. This year it’s been the events in Baltimore where six police officers allegedly mistreated a man named Freddie Gray in their custody, with the 25 year old passing away from the injuries suffered at their hands, and the officers now under arrest awaiting trial. These world events have a unique way of telling us that there are things in life more important than just a game show.

Sindy Nguyen became the first BBCAN houseguest to be evicted twice (Gary Levy came back and made it to the final two in BBCAN1, thus was never evicted a second time), losing the house a second time to Britnee Blair unanimously 8-0.  Kevin Martin won his 2nd HOH, and places Bobby Hlad up a 2nd time (not counting the week where everyone was HOH) and Britnee up for her 4th trip to the block.  Kevin then went on to win his 2nd Power of Veto, the third time this season a sole HOH went on to win POV.  As this post went to press, Mr. Martin seemed to be considering taking Britnee off of “pawn of the week” status and putting Bruno Ielo there, but much like Cody Califiore during BB16 last year struggled with putting Caleb up early in the game, Kevin’s wrestling with this crucial decision.

As mentioned last week somewhat, there will be a HOH cycle where there will be three nominees and two evictees, and we learned this week is that will be a cycle that will entirely take place during Wednesday’s live show, making for not a double eviction but a triple eviction.  We still don’t know the mechanics of how the double eviction will work, and that would be nice to know for a show that has been struggling with these basic things this season.

The show has had some subplots that have kept viewers busy, such as the “sismance” between Willow MacDonald and hemployee Sarah Hanlon, and Bobby’s insistence that he has a secret veto of some sort, using it as a bluff to keep him out of danger and as a way to feed the paranoia of the others.  Unlike BB16 and how Derrick dominated, I don’t see anyone in the lead in the game right now in terms of strategy and positioning.  Perhaps all these twists have kept everybody off balance, or somewhat equal in terms of their skill.

We’ll be finding a winner 24 days from now, with BB17 beginning four weeks afterwards, at least on television.

More next week as BBCAN3 progresses towards finding its victor or victrix.


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